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LGFW SS11: Thursday Blues

Thursday was the only day of LG Fashion Week I didn’t attend. I spend the day in New York City with some research and development folks from Intel. I was geeking out and loving it but that post will come later. There were a few collections I wanted to check out on Thursday but when NYC calls I tend to forget everything else. Most of the collections were during the day so I wouldn’t have seen them even if I was in the country.

The last Baby Steinberg show I saw was for Frugal Fashion Week at the Bata Shoe Museum. I’m amazed at how she takes reusable materials and creates clothing out them. For some reason there are no photos from Schick available for Baby Steinberg so check out the photos and videos on the LG Fashion Week site.

LGFW SS2011 Klaxon Howl-1747LGFW SS2011 Klaxon Howl-1782

Klaxon Howl has a great collection of military clothing and it a favourite because of my love of military. I once bought a cute white sailor hat from the store. It’s one of those places that makes me wish I was a guy to take advantage of all the good stuff. I was a little disappointed the collection wasn’t heavily military influenced. The things that stood out for me the most were the women’s looks.


I really wanted to see the THOMAS show too. Their style aesthetic seems to ber much inline with my own.  I liked the women’s looks but the men’s were so much more compelling. I’m loving the super slouchy pants.

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