Canadian Designers, Video

Greta Constantine Fall Winter 2011 – 2012, Revolution

At the Greta Constantine Fall Winter 2011 – 2012 fashion show we got a preview of the new video by C. Hudson Hwang. You might remember that he created the Erza Constantine spring 2011 preview video and the Greta and Ezra Constantine spring summer 2010 videos.  Well, the video is now complete and ready for public consumption

shot, cut, motion designed and directed by C. Hudson Hwang

models: Christina Kaszap [elmer olsen] Frances Coombe [elite] Andrea T [next] Rochelle Ten Holder [next] Dani Seitz [sutherland] Anna Shevchenko [push] Jeannine Smith [ford] Dajana Antic [elmer olsen] Julian G [elite] Nick Gonko [elite] Krystal Reeve [next] Tea Moir [sutherland] Bria Castello [elmer olsen] Shelby Furber [elmer olsen] Danielle W [elmer olsen] Jenica Vandermeer [ford] Kassandra Gray [elmer olsen] Sarah Barnes [elmer olsen] Renee Thompson [elite] Bayan Peterson [sutherland] Richelle Dobson [sutherland] Kristy Nykilchuk [elmer olsen] Caitlin Dudar [elite] Joanna Lapiesza [elite]

Music: Children of the Revolution (written by Marc Bolan) by Neon Indian [Lefse Records / Static Tongues]
Greta Constantine is designed by Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong
Casting assistance: Ted Aman