i want: Marc By Marc Jacobs Dries Wedge Booties

Marc By Marc Jacobs Dries Wedge Booties

These Dries Wedge Booties by Marc By Marc Jacobs are fun shoes.  There is a lot going on with the brown trim and patent leather  navy but I like them  a lot.  They are very schoolboyish.  I can see a myself in these with a pleated skirt, white tshirt and a schoolboy type satchel (like PS1 or Chloe).  The rubber sole on the shoe should make the 4″ heel more bearable.

images: ssense.com

By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.


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