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Ask A Geek – Canadian Brands Making Winter Coats – Updated November 13, 2012

Cdn Spirit Down Jacket
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I want – I got reader @ThebergeSwim tweeted:

@ThebergeSwim - @geekigirl I’m looking 4 a warm winter coat Preferably fashionable & NOT black. Would like to support local designer #ThebergemovestoToronto
Me – @ThebergeSwim budget?
@ThebergeSwim - @geekigirl four to six hundred. Possibly a lil more if totally awesome.

Fashionable and functional are trade off that has to be made for a Canadian winter. I tend to side with function during this time of year. My recommendation is buy a long down jacket so you don’t have to layer as much. However, here’s a selection of Canadian companies with winter jackets and coats that will cover both spectrums and between.  Some of these companies might not have fall offerings online yet, but should soon.

RUDSAK – Lots of leather options here. Montreal based but has a store on Queen Street West.

Moose Knuckles Canada – Moose Knuckles is outside of your budget but I included it because it’s Canadian.

Canada Goose. – I bash the Canada Goose a lot.  Not because of it’s function, I can say that it’s a great winter jacket.  My problem is that it seems like everyone in Toronto has one.  I call it the Toronto uniform.  I guess I just have a problem with conformity.  However, many Retailers carry the Goose including,, Holt Renfrew and Over the Rainbow.

Downtown Down – Both Cdn Spirit and Johnny Yiu can be purchased on Downtown Down. I purchased a Cdn Spirit down jacket a few winters ago and it’s amazing.

Mackage – Montreal based but they are carried at Holt Renfrew, Over the Rainbow and online at

Orb Clothing – Vancouver based clothing company. Makes great winter jackets for snowsports as well as more casual options. I wore an Orb jacket during my trip to Whistler this year.

Mountain Equipment Co-op – Definitely more on the functional side but affordable.

TNA – TNA down jackets were the Canada Goose of their time with young women and teens. They aren’t as popular anymore but you’ll still see a lot of people with them. You can get these at a TNA store or Aritiza.

Soia & Kyo – More fashion than function here. If you aren’t looking for a down jacket there are lot of options here.

m0851 – Another company with great leather products. They have a store in Yorkville.

Danier – Can’t forget Danier, they’ve really upped the style quotient of late.

Joe Fresh – I don’t know how warm their down jackets are but they do make very affordable ones in bright colours. Store at Queen and Bathurst

Krane – Amazing menswear by Toronto based Ken Chow. I think women can pull the jackets off too.

Philip Sparks – I’m currently dying over this Philip Sparks coat.

UPDATE: The moron in me forgot a great Canadian Coat company, Smythe

Updates August 5, 2011
Stacey ZhangShe also has a store on Queen Street West Store on Queen street has closed. Online Shopping available on her website.

CMFR Canada – There are no retail outlets for these guys listed on the site and no online store as of yet. They have a ton of stockist now. Due West, Sydney’s,


Updates August 6, 2011
Ewanika – She usually has 1 or 2 styles of coats in her fall collection.

Update May 1, 2012 – This post is in dire need of a update.

Sentaler Luxury Alpaca Outerwear – Thanks for nudge to update this post

Company of Adventures – This link is dead but it’s sold at The Bay.

Toast Skirts – Not a coat really but still good for cold weather

Update November 4, 2012

OSC Cross – Designed and made in Canada. Available online

PDG by Plenty – West coast retailers house brand. Available online. Retail locations in BC

Nobis – available at The Show Room and online. – Just discovered this Canadian online shop where you can find brands Nobis and Moose Knuckles

Jacob – Has a selection of wool and down filled coats. Available in store and online

Update November 13, 2012

A reader let me know about Montreal based Sicily Clothing. I never heard of them before but they look like another good alternative to the Goose

Well, I think I’m tapped out of ideas but I feel I’m missing companies. Let me know in the comments!