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NYC Fashion Week Spring 2008 – Street Trends

There were two things that really stuck out for me in New York. 1. Men carried Manbags. All kinds of guys with all kinds of bags, not just the fashion insiders. I liked the look actually and I hope it spreads. Hell, I even liked the guy rocking the clutch at Phi. Find your Man bag here. 2. Goyard is king. I didn’t see a lot of Louis Vuitton, but I saw a lot of Goyard, fake and real. You could get Goyard fakes on every street corner. At night, every street corner had a bunch of guys selling handbags out of garbage bags and boxes. Fucking hilarious. For those that don’t know, Goyard is an old french company that makes very expensive luggage and handbags. images: balenciaga.com and businessweek.com

NYC Fashion Week Spring 2008 people watching

So I saw some interesting people during my trip 1. Demi Moore – she is flawless. It’s kinda disgusting really. However, she was really nice to people. 2. Jenna Jameson – It was extremely weird, I saw her at the hotel. She’s really tiny and duck faced, ugh. 3. Anna Wintour – I saw her entering Thakoon. First knocked off my list. 4. Andre Leon Talley – He’s massive. 2nd knocked off my list 5. Carine Roitfeld – she is my style hero, only that woman can make a grey tshirt look amazing, paired with a balenciaga skirt and sky-high heels. I saw her outside of Proenza. She was the 3rd. Carine in Alaia outside of Phi I got a picture taken with Hillary Alexander (I love her!), she’s was so nice and damn personable. I didn’t get to see Anna Piaggi, who knows if she even was in New York. There were a lot of celebrities at the shows I attended, I didn’t notice them though. images: thefashionspot.com, me

NYC Fashion Week Spring 2008 – Temperley and the after party

The Temperley show brought me to Bryant Park. Finally I would get to experience the tents. It was madness. The tents are huge. I’m sitting in the forth row in this picture and there were a ton of people behind me. I was stuck at the beginning of the runway which was at a really odd angle. The lighting was poor for my camera and I didn’t get many good shots. See my Temperly photos. I have video after the jump though. I thought the collection was a little all over the place. I loved the black & white and prints. The more neutral stuff and the muted orange just didn’t do anything for me. I’m a big fan of these looks (pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4, pic 5). There were two dresses (pic 1, pic 2) that really threw me for a loop, they just didn’t fit in. Agyness was amazing. I had seen her on the street but this was the first time I saw her working.

NYC Fashion Week Spring 2008 – Ruffian

After Phi it was off to Ruffian at the National Arts Club, right besides Gramercy Park. The building is so completely stunning, I was blown away. Unfortunately, it was terrible for pictures with my crappy digital camera so I don’t have any. The show was an hour late. All the shows I went to were late, but usually only 20 – 30 minutes. The next show, Temperly was waiting for us though. I enjoyed parts of this show. The presentation was amazing, great location and great music. The One Winged Dove Dress in Pomp Pink Satin Faced Organza that Canadian, Lisa Cant wore knocked everyone’s socks off. The high waisted pants and the jackets were amazing. I loved this set: Bustier Trouser in Clay Pearlized Cotton, McLaran Jacket in Clay Pearlized Cotton. ( I love line sheets, thanks thoughtful designers). All the clothes that used the white flowered material reminded me of bed sheets and wallpaper. I didn’t like any of the last 3 gowns either. Video of the show is after the jump…

NYC Fashion Week Spring 2008 – Phi

It was back to Chelsea on Saturday morning for Phi. Guests rode a big freight elevator up to the 16th floor where the show was to take place. It was the best entrance to a show so far for me. Some pre-show madness The collection was very fall like, too many layers for Spring. It was menswear and androgyny goodness. Everything in this collection I could see myself wearing. If it was Fall it would have been my favourite collection of the small number of shows I saw. The boots were to die for; a feminine version of the Motorcycle boot. It was the first show I saw Sasha P in, I was excited. Hye Park, is definitely one of my favourite models and she was looking lovely too. First siting of Freja. More pictures can be found at my Phi Spring 2008 Flickr photoset Elle has a video you can see here.

NYC Fashion Week Spring 2008 – Doo ri

Doo ri was the next and final stop for me on Friday in Chelsea. I was suppose to see Proenza Schouler that night but it fell through. Yes, I was a little upset about that. I spent some time looking for my seat with no help from the staff. They would wave in the general direction of seat and walk away. I shouldn’t be the one to kick people out of my own seat, that should be your job. But if you want to get anything done it’s best to do it yourself. I wasn’t in a good vantage point for pictures, I couldn’t even see the shoes. After Thakoon it was hard to impress me. There were a few pieces I really like, but I wasn’t feeling the colour palette and some of the cuts (what’s with the mid-drift stuff, haven’t we moved beyond that). I did love this Bone cotton trend coat It was funny to see that even the top girls fuck up. The first model out the door turned at the …

NYC Fashion Week near miss

So I was in NYC and I wanted something great to bring back home. I wandered around 5th Ave looking in places like Saks, Prada and Bergdorf’s. I was surprised at how little grabbed me. Of course, I salivated over Lanvin, Prada and Balenciaga, but lets face it, that stuff is way out of my budget. I did see something I wanted badly and I was willing to pay for them…Rupert Sanderson shoes. Remember these babies, well Saks had them and I just about had a fit. I was all excited while the helpful gentlemen went to find my size. He returned empty handed though, boo urns. They are so damn gorgeous and more beautiful in person, sigh. There is one thing I noticed in NYC, store service is excellent, fantastic even. Canada has a lot to learn.

NYC Fashion Week Spring 2008 – Thakoon

Before and after the Zero show I had time to kill. So I browsed the shops of the Meatpacking district. Scoop, Puma Black Store, Stella McCartney, Jeferry, Ed Hardy, La Perla and Alexander McQueen. I was salivating in the McQueen store, some of the gowns for sale were just beautiful. Thakoon was next show. It was in a large warehouse space, two rows of benches lined the runway which snaked it way around the room. I saw Anna Wintour. It was a brief glimpse of the woman and the only time I saw her all weekend. There were some other celebs in the audience, but I didn’t know who they were. A lot of the top models walked the show, Stam, Irina (both K and L), Hye Park. It’s amazing how thin these women are, it’s astonishing. Top models do screw up time to time and a couple models forgot the layout of the runway and bypassed a whole section of buyers and other guests. The clothes were absolutely stunning. I loved everything and the …

NYC Fashion Week Spring 2008 – Zero Maria Cornejo

It’s 5AM Friday morning at YYZ. I haven’t slept yet. I decided to go out Thursday night to The Social. I got my butt home at 2:30AM and finished packing in time to leave at 4:30AM for the airport. I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through the day, I have 4 shows planned. I try to sleep on the flight but my neighbour keeps elbowing me. He’s fidgeting like a bastard and my urge to kill is rising; thank god it’s only an hour flight. Arriving at La Guardia is interesting, it’s a busy airport. Not as clean as YYZ, but this is New York after all. There is enough time to check into the hotel and get some breakfast. The first show is Zero Maria Cornejo. It’s held in a small warehouse in the Meatpacking district. I have a front row seat for my first ever NYC fashion week show, I’m pretty excited. The Zero collection features a lot of easy to wear pieces that bucked the trends and featured bright …

I’m back from NYC Fashion Week

It was an amazing time, better than I could have anticipated. I’ve got lots of post materials, so keep checking back. I got in early this morning so I’ve been sleeping this afternoon. I’ve got a couple of film fest parties to attend tonight. Here is a little preview, check this link out and you can see me front row at the Zero show, It’s the 3rd photo in the slideshow.

I want – I got A Week in Review – Haute Couture, Bisha NYC, Alexander Wang and this week’s sales.

A weekly roundup of stories from I want – I got. Featured Posts Alexander Wang Personal Appearance at Holt Renfrew – He’s coming to Canada on July 21, 2010 Object Fetish by SHOWstudio: Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 Shoes– Get a closer look at the beautiful shoes from Alexander McQueen’s Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 collection. Christian Dior Haute Couture – Fall 2010 Video – Couture videos are out. View the full length couture fashion show from Christian Dior for the Fall 2010 collection. Chanel Haute Couture – Fall 2010 Video – Karl Lagerfeld always puts on a spectacle of a show. Check out the giant lion for Fall 2010. Givenchy Haute Couture – Fall 2010 Videos: Interview with Riccardo and a showroom piece. – Stunning work at Givenchy for Haute Couture this season, definitely the best collection for me. I review foot massages at The Red Door. The first collection by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen is Resort 2011. I like it. I want – I got’s Bisha Adventure in New York. …

Toronto’s Own Edition of the Fashion Week Daily

LG Fashion Week this year featured something pretty neat. Toronto got its own edition of the Fashion Week Daily. I was obsessed with this mag when I was in NYC for the Spring 2008 collection. I’m not sure if the magazine was available anywhere else but the tents. It came out towards the end of LG Fashion Week and I was really impressed with their turnaround time. I’ve scanned the magazine, sans ads, so that you can enjoy it.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Evan Biddell

Evan Biddell put on a great show at LFW. I definitely enjoyed it and saw some really cute pieces. The dhoti style pants are gorgeous. He’s taken a lesson from the Japanese masters and my favourite drop-crotch makers Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto. The eyelet jumper looked amazing on the runway. I didn’t like the gingham pieces. The skirt volume was clunky and didn’t fall in line with the rest of the collection. The short shorts were a little too American Apparel for me, especially after all the amazing pants. I can’t say anything bad about men in skirts (no, seriously) Overall great little streetwear collection; polished. Models were a lot of fun and it was an entertaining show. The rest of my awful pictures are here and you can see some here . On a side note, I’ve had discussions with some people about Biddell’s dhoti pant. While I think he’s done a great job producing them and he’s even got me eyeing a pair, the average woman is going to stay away from …

i want: NYC La.Ga Bag for Krv Kurva, by Sarah Parris

NYC La.Ga Bag for Krv Kurva, by Sarah Parris Ex-blogTOer Ryan LaFlamme told me about this company he works for called 66degrees a few months ago. 66degrees.com is based out of Toronto and the mandate is to “bring an array of very exclusive, mostly one-of-a-kind or limited edition products made by designers and artists around the world to people like you… people with smart tastes, people who want something different, something unique.” So I’ve been checking the site from time to time to see what’s new. This week, this bag landed in my inbox. I was smitten; it’s very unusual. The pattern reminds me of the New York City skyline. It has an interesting story also. Visualized by one of England’s most sought after designers, and hand-made at a women’s prison in Portugal, this ultra-exclusive handbag is available only at 66degrees.com. The La.Ga Bag, a trademark of Lisbon-based design studio Krv Kurva, is distinctly European in design. The bag marries two unique design ideas: the artistry of the bag’s graphics, and the manufacturing. Each bag …

Going to NYC

I’m a fucking lucky person. I’m going to New York City this weekend and I’ll be checking out some fashion shows. Can you believe it? This lowly Toronto fashion blogger is actually going to be at Bryant Park. I’m hoping to see Anna Wintour and ALT in the flesh. Throw in some Anna Piaggi and Carine Roitfeld, I’m in heaven. I’m not going to reveal the shows that I should have access to in order not to jinx them. Watch this space on Tuesday for NYC Fashion Week updates. Danielle from Final Fashion will be there. She’s covering Jeremy Laing, the lucky bastard. I arrive the day after. If I can get my ass to Brooklyn Saturday morning I might meet up with some other fashion bloggers.

Erdem Ready to Wear – Fall 2009 – 2010

Erdem was a collection that didn’t translate to wow in photos. The shapes looked ackward and the colours a tad garish. I think I’m having a hard time processing prints again because of the darkness that surrounded NYC fashion week. London has been much more colourful. I was on the fence about things and decided that I need to see the collection video. Photos don’t tell the whole store and I always like to refer to video evidence. The Erdem Fall 2009 – 2010 collection video is a memorizing piece of work. The patterns and colour palette make sense. The shapes display their true form in motion. I’m a fan. I won’t even post a lot of photos; it’s pointless. You need to watch the video to appreciate this. Watch – Erdem Fall 2009 – 2010 collection video. EDIT: I figured out a way to embed the video images: nymag.com

Proenza Schouler at The Room

The Proenza Schouler duo of Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough came to Toronto for very short day trip and The Room celebrated their arrival. Unlike the Anna Dello Russo party, this was a small affair. It was a welcome change from the madness of Anna. I brought a long time blogging friend Zoë Hong with me. She’s a designer from San Fransisco that happened to be vacationing in Toronto for the weekend. Her Asymmetrical black leather corselet belt made my I want list. I still think about it. It was hilarious that Zoë visits Toronto and Danielle isn’t in the country.  Zoë did tell me stories of her adventures with Danielle in NYC to fill the void. It was pretty surprising that Jennifer Campbell of Flare recognized Zoë from the Internet. Oh, old school fash blogging days. Some media got interview time with Jack and Lazaro at the beginning of the event. I met them, super quickly made small talk and then photos. It’s like a factory floor when all the guests want to meet the guests. The guys were really …

LGFW SS11: Denis Gagnon

Denis Gagnon never disappoints. His spring summer 2011 collection wowed the audience on Friday. It begs the question, why is Denis still showing in Canada? I really think he could hit up a capital and I hope he does. The man needs to be a household name in the fashion industry worldwide. His work makes me weep that I’m not wealthy enough to own it all. Stripes, chains, zippers and string were the major themes. Stripes can be hard to wear sometimes but Denis Gagnon strategically used angles to ensure the best possible silhouette. String is back from the previous season and thank god for that. Those looks have so much movement to them, it’s mesmerizing. All I can think about is dancing in them and how much fun it would be. It was a primarily black and white collection but there were dresses in green, blue, orange and silver. Ombre dipped string added a beautiful effect to dresses down the runway. The models weren’t very strong and you could see their hesitation with the …

LGFW SS11: Thursday Blues

Thursday was the only day of LG Fashion Week I didn’t attend. I spend the day in New York City with some research and development folks from Intel. I was geeking out and loving it but that post will come later. There were a few collections I wanted to check out on Thursday but when NYC calls I tend to forget everything else. Most of the collections were during the day so I wouldn’t have seen them even if I was in the country. The last Baby Steinberg show I saw was for Frugal Fashion Week at the Bata Shoe Museum. I’m amazed at how she takes reusable materials and creates clothing out them. For some reason there are no photos from Schick available for Baby Steinberg so check out the photos and videos on the LG Fashion Week site. Klaxon Howl has a great collection of military clothing and it a favourite because of my love of military. I once bought a cute white sailor hat from the store. It’s one of those places …

I want – I got’s Bisha Adventure in New York City

Oh my god, I better not miss this flight. I’m standing in line for security checks; it’s 7:30am. It’s Monday morning and I’m hoping to catch my 8am flight to New York. I’m impatient and freaking out. I clear security without much time to spare and I’m running to gate 151, hoping that boarding hasn’t closed yet. I didn’t even close the clasp on my bright pink sandals. Amazingly they don’t fly off my feet. I slow down a bit when I see a lineup of people at the gate. Thank god, still time. I laugh to myself. This is the start of an amazing day. I love my life. I’m going to New York City for the day. I leave Toronto at 8am and I the return flight is at 7:30pm. This trip is the product of a fucked up week, to put it mildly. The day after the earthquake I receive an email from Foujan at Matchstick. There may be the potential for a blogger to be sent out to NYC to join …

i want: Tale Wedge by Eileen Shield for Maria Cornejo

The lovely Nathalie Aktinson send me a link to the Tale wedge by Eileen Shields for Maria Cornejo. “These new Zero+Maria Cornejo shoes somehow remind me of you…” the message reads. She is completely on target here, I really like these wedge booties.  The cutout is perfect and I love all the colourways.  The white stands out to me the most. I have a total soft spot for Zero + Maria Cornejo. I love her clothing and prints. The Spring 2008 collection from Zero was my first New York Fashion Week show.  Zero + Maria Cornejo women’s ready to wear is available at Holt Renfrew and Jonathan + Olivia.  Shoes have to be ordered online or a trip to the States is in order. images: zeromariacornejo.com