Linda and Prada, hmm

This could be interesting. Linda and Naomi for Fall 2008.

Rumor has it that Prada is set to join in on the resurgence the 90s supermodel. Often touted for being on the forefront of trends Prada could follow in the foot steps of Chanel and Louis Vuitton by using a 90s supermodel. Prada campaign photographer Steven Meisel is shooting Linda Evangelista reportedly for the Prada Fall-Winter 2008.2009 campaign. A trusted source tells us not to get over excited as Linda Evangelista could also be shooting a Vogue Italia Cover. So what do you think …..about Linda Evangelista for Prada?

via Linda Evangelista For Prada Fall 2008 Ad Campaign? on Frillr

The good old days…

I miss the old days of the Supermodel.

Look at these women. They wouldn’t get work in 2008. See how damn young Naomi is?

After my Sasha post you would think that I’m all about the uber skinny model, I’m not. I like the freaks, to be honest. I mean that in the nicest way possible. I just find the unusual ones more interesting to look at. Images like this does give me the shivers.

via Fashionista – I Don’t Care What My Teachers Say, I’m Gonna Be A Supermodel