i got: Nicholas Kirkwood x Erdem Ankle Boots

Sneaky emails and reminder tweets enter my social space once the major discounts start hitting The Room at the Hudson’s Bay. It’s a good time to be hunting for bargains. It’s during these sales periods that I get strategic about things. It’s about desirability of the brand and price. During this magical time that ownership of the brands I lust for becomes attainable. The Room blessed me with an amazing Christopher Kane skirt.

The Room has a great selection of shoes and the pickings are getting pretty slim by the time it’s 60% off plus an extra 40%. This shoe shopping experience was extra fun because I coerced my friend, Natalie into coming. There were a few choices of from my watch list of designers: Kirkwood, Sanderson, Olympia, Alaia, Atwood, Margiela. I tried on a few and stared wistfully at some wishing I had the same size feet as Stefania from Textstyles.ca.

Nicholas Kirkwood x Erdem Ankle Boots
Nicholas Kirkwood x Erdem Ankle Boots

I wandered the racks several times with a pair of pretty loud Erdem x Nicholas Kirkwood ankle boots. They were a thick tweed and had a lot of pink but the fantastic square lucite heel was something you don’t want to walk away from. The tweed pattern was not my style so I decided to keep looking. However, I had Kirkwood x Erdem on the brain and I searched out every pair and every style on those six racks. I found a pair of the ankle boot in a more subdued navy blue. The material was crepe cotton instead of tweed and I liked it better. “There’s a Plan B don’t worry”, I thought to myself as trying them on in case of disappointment. Thankfully, I didn’t need Plan B and the pair of Nicholas Kirkwood for Erdem Tweedprint crepe cotton ankle boots came home with me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt smug about a shoe purchase. I’m pleased that I now have some Kirkwood in my closet and some Erdem I can wear (I have a beautiful silk Erdem dress that’s too small for me at this time). As you can imagine, they get some stares at the office.

Shoe Specifications:
Lucite heel, 4½” (115mm)
Hidden platform, 1″ (25mm)
Compares to a 3½” heel (90mm)
Made in Italy

images: lyst.com

The Blanket Statement by The Hudson’s Bay Company

The Blanket Statement by The Bay

I was invited to the preview of  The Blanket Statement in the Hudson’s Bay Company Shop on Queen Street.  The Blanket Statement is a collaboration that saw 10 Canadian designers rework the traditional Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket into coat. In addition to unveiling the 10 one of a kind coats, the event also showcased new items created for the Hudson’s Bay Company Shop.

The Blanket Statement by The Bay - Erdem

The Blanket Statement by The Bay - Harricana par Mariouche
Harricana par Mariouche

Specialty items from fashion to home to collectibles have been created by several Canadian fashion designers and artisans — encompassing everything from organic T-shirts to artisanal maple syrup cubes to women’s recycled fur accessories.

The Blanket Statement by The Bay - Todd Lynn
Todd Lynn

The Blanket Statement by The Bay - Lida Baday

The Blanket Statement by The Bay - Jeremy Laing
Jeremy Laing

My favourite coats are a toss up between Comrags and Smythe.

The Blanket Statement by The Bay - Comrags

The Blanket Statement by The Bay - Smythe

It wasn’t just womenswear designers, Krane and Klaxon Howl created something for the guys.

The Blanket Statement by The Bay - Krane

IMGThe Blanket Statement by The Bay - Klaxon Howl

The new collection at the Hudson’s Bay Company Shop included custom made canoes, canoe paddles, Pink Tartan Hudson’s Bay Point cardigans, $75 pure maple sugar cube (I was astonished at this item to be honest. I even had to twitpic it.), specially made tshirts from Shared, chocolates, chunky sweaters, Virgina Johnson printed scarfs, Point blankets, fur hats and stoles.

The Blanket Statement by The Bay - Pink Tartan

i got: A Dress by Erdem

A Dress by Erdem - FW08

You have seen photos of my Erdem dress during |FAT|. It was a super find at the Hazel Liquidation Sale. It was 90% off coming in at a cool $73.

It’s from the Fall 2008 collection. The show has other garments in the same print, but not this simple dress design.

Erdem is known for his prints and they are breathtaking. I could frame this dress and be very happy looking at the print, but it’s much more fun to wear.

Erdem can be found at The Room in The Bay.

Photo Taken by Paul Baik for I want – I got

Erdem Ready to Wear – Fall 2009 – 2010

Erdem Ready to Wear - Fall 2009 - 2010

Erdem was a collection that didn’t translate to wow in photos. The shapes looked ackward and the colours a tad garish. I think I’m having a hard time processing prints again because of the darkness that surrounded NYC fashion week. London has been much more colourful. I was on the fence about things and decided that I need to see the collection video. Photos don’t tell the whole store and I always like to refer to video evidence.

The Erdem Fall 2009 – 2010 collection video is a memorizing piece of work. The patterns and colour palette make sense. The shapes display their true form in motion. I’m a fan.

Erdem Ready to Wear - Fall 2009 - 2010

I won’t even post a lot of photos; it’s pointless. You need to watch the video to appreciate this. Watch – Erdem Fall 2009 – 2010 collection video.

EDIT: I figured out a way to embed the video

images: nymag.com