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i got: Nicholas Kirkwood x Erdem Ankle Boots

Sneaky emails and reminder tweets enter my social space once the major discounts start hitting The Room at the Hudson’s Bay. It’s a good time to be hunting for bargains. It’s during these sales periods that I get strategic about things. It’s about desirability of the brand and price. During this magical time that ownership of the brands I lust for becomes attainable. The Room blessed me with an amazing Christopher Kane skirt.

The Room has a great selection of shoes and the pickings are getting pretty slim by the time it’s 60% off plus an extra 40%. This shoe shopping experience was extra fun because I coerced my friend, Natalie into coming. There were a few choices of from my watch list of designers: Kirkwood, Sanderson, Olympia, Alaia, Atwood, Margiela. I tried on a few and stared wistfully at some wishing I had the same size feet as Stefania from

Nicholas Kirkwood x Erdem Ankle Boots

Nicholas Kirkwood x Erdem Ankle Boots

I wandered the racks several times with a pair of pretty loud Erdem x Nicholas Kirkwood ankle boots. They were a thick tweed and had a lot of pink but the fantastic square lucite heel was something you don’t want to walk away from. The tweed pattern was not my style so I decided to keep looking. However, I had Kirkwood x Erdem on the brain and I searched out every pair and every style on those six racks. I found a pair of the ankle boot in a more subdued navy blue. The material was crepe cotton instead of tweed and I liked it better. “There’s a Plan B don’t worry”, I thought to myself as trying them on in case of disappointment. Thankfully, I didn’t need Plan B and the pair of Nicholas Kirkwood for Erdem Tweedprint crepe cotton ankle boots came home with me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt smug about a shoe purchase. I’m pleased that I now have some Kirkwood in my closet and some Erdem I can wear (I have a beautiful silk Erdem dress that’s too small for me at this time). As you can imagine, they get some stares at the office.

Shoe Specifications:
Lucite heel, 4½” (115mm)
Hidden platform, 1″ (25mm)
Compares to a 3½” heel (90mm)
Made in Italy