Kickstarter x Juma for New York Fashion Week

Juma is raising funds for a New York Fashion Week show through Kickstarter.

JUMA is interested in raising funds with you to produce a fashion show to be shown at New York fashion week. We are presently designing our new collection and would like to have a presentation in which we can show our line. We would like to have our show listed on the official fashion week calender and invite editors, media, stylists and other industry participants in order to gain exposure and build our fanbase offline and online.

We have experience with producing runways shows and have been designing clothing for 6 years so are confident in the execution of the project.

We are offering you our digitally printed bags, scarves, prints as well as backstage experiences in order to raise the funds required to put on this runway show for New York Fashion Week!

The project will be funded if $26,000 dollars are raised by Friday August 26, 2011 at 4pm. This dollar figure should be sobering to some designers about the costs of putting on a modest fashion show during NYFW. You can learn more and pledge for the JUMA New York Fashion Week Kickstarter project online.

Um you’re on WWD

WWD.comApril 13 2011

I was in meetings all morning and when I finally returned to my desk my twitter replies were blowing up. Something is up, I thought to myself, I haven’t even tweeted yet. Turns out WWD did a street style post for LG Fashion Week and I was snapped with my friend Caroline Shaheed. The title of this post was the best email subject line I received all day. It best represents the shock of finding out.

WWD.comApril 13 2011

Can you say freaking the fuck out! I’m stunned by this and doing a little happy dance. It’s silly but I have to admit I totally love this. All the shots are stealthy ones, I love it. I remember photographer James Lourenco taking our photo as we walked but didn’t think anything of it at the time. I’m so happy I’m not carrying a Starbucks coffee cup in this shot, ha ha. You can see the rest of the street style shots from LG Fashion Week at They Are Wearing: Toronto – EyeScoop on

This outfit also landed me on the LG Fashion Week street style pages.

Flare March 31 2011

Outfit Breakdown – Gap circle scarf, Alexander Wang sunglasses, Ash Boots, Gap army jacket, Club Monaco Blazer, Juma Spring Summer 2011 silk tshirt, Le Sportsac x Stella McCartney bag, pants Gap, Gamercamp Pin.

Juma Fall Winter 2011 – 2012

Juma Fall Winter 2011 - 2012

Prints haven’t scared off the Juma siblings and I’m so happy about that. I ranted and raved about the Spring Summer 2011 collection. Alia and Jamil decided to do a print heavy spring collection which was something new for them. Normally, Juma is associated with neutral colours and a lot of black. It was a great pairing of silhouettes and prints. The Fall Winter 2011 – 2012 collection continues to hunt east for its inspiration.

Tibet, Thailand & Shezhen’s local tapestry work and wildlife shaped the vibrant colour and intricate designs the duo developed for the 2011 fall winter collection. To modernize the prints, they distorted and layered them as well as added gradients of colour including midnight blue, burnt corals, olive, tangerine, nude and black. The multicoloured knits were inspired by the thick, colourful wool blankets that mountain people wrap around themselves during the winter months in Tibet.(source: press release)

Juma Fall Winter 2011 - 2012

It’s safe to say I loved this collection from Juma as much as spring summer. I want it all. I didn’t get any photos or video for this show and I regret it now. However, I did find an edited one from my old blog stomping grounds blogTO.

This was the debut of smaller studio space at LG Fashion Week. Getting into the space is a bit of a pain in the ass but the shows that have been put on have been fun.

See the entire Juma’s fall/winter 2011 collection on Also check out filmmaker Ron Wan’s JUMA Fall/Winter 2011 – 2012 video

Images: by Jenna Marie Wakani for

JUMA Fall Winter 2011 – 2012 Video Presentation

JUMA Fall Winter 2011 - 2012 Video Presentation
JUMA has a little teaser video for their upcoming fall winter 2011 – 2012 collection called Kaleidoscope.

For their unisex collection, the brother and sister team Alia & Jamil JUMA, traveled to India, Tibet, Thailand & Shenzhen to research local tapestry work and wildlife. They infused those elements into their prints while making them more dark and moody by distorting them and adding gradients of color including midnight blue, burnt corals, olive, tangerine, nude and black. The line uses directional silhouettes and styling incorporating printed dresses, blazers and tops mixed with silky knits to layer with. The video reflects the mood of their new collection.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of this collection. The idea of a unisex line intrigues me. Have they done away with traditional men’s and women’s lines. Their timing couldn’t be more perfect with this whole androgyny thing going on in fashion right now.

Juma Spring Summer 2011

Juma Spring Summer 2011

Juma’s spring summer 2011 collection is there best yet in my opinion. I remember getting a preview last summer and freaking out. The collection is inspired by Alia’s and Jamil’s time in Africa. The collection is really print heavy and they’ve made some great choices. I love the flamingos.  Jamil send me a bunch of the lookbook photos so I thought I’d make a gif of the entire collection.  Voila.
Juma Spring Summer 2011 Lookbook

Juma Spring Summer 2011 Lookbook

I took some photos at their spring summer 2011 fashion presentation in October at The Spoke Club.

Juma Spring Summer 2011

Juma Spring Summer 2011

i got: A Raglan Printed A-Line Tunic by Juma

A Raglan Printed A-Line Tunic by Juma

This image is a little different to most of the i got posts I make. I decided to switch it up and add an action shot. I’m wearing a Raglan Printed A-Line Tunic by Juma. I’m wearing it as a dress here, but it would look great with skinny pants or leggings.

My friend Naomi is wearing a cute Tshirt dress and belt from the Gap. The ring is Toni Cavelti. Since she was in the photo I thought you’d might like to know what she is wearing too.