Mikhael Kale Fall Winter 2011 – 2012

Mikhael Kale Fall Winter 2011 - 2012
A common complaint I hear about Mihkael Kale’s clothing is wearability. I should think that after four years people would understand that Mihkael designs are not for everyone and I don’t think he will be going in a mass direction anytime soon. There are many things I can’t wear due to design, shape or price. That doesn’t stop me from enjoying them aesthetically. I like niche designers, they keep things interesting.

I’ve referred to Mihkael as a designer who can throw everything and the kitchen sink at something and make it look incredible. Fall Winter 2011 – 2012 featured crystal and pearl encrusted details, chain embroidered roses and sequined bodices.

There was a lot of skin in Mikhael’s collection. You’d almost think it was a spring collection. Cutouts incorporated resembled bondage to me. Amazing there wasn’t one bare midriff in all the skin. Caucasian nude fabric played peak a boo with one oxblood dress with chain embroidered roses. At first glance I thought the fabric was flesh.  Thankfully there were some coats and pants to bring the collection back into a fall winter direction.

The black net cutout jumpsuit with draped chiffon is about the only cutout piece I could see myself wearing with any confidence. It has a practical aspect as you can layer clothing over it to tone down its sexiness. It could never be workwear. The bum cheek cutouts makes that impossible.

Mikhael’s spring summer 2011 collection initially filled me with doubt when I saw the Holt Renfrew show at LGFW. That doubt eased once I saw the clothing at the Holt Renfrew designer personal appearances event and Natalie Lecomte wearing one of the dresses. I didn’t have that doubt for fall and right away I loved what I saw. Favourites included the Silk draped tuxedo jacket, Printed silk chiffon tunic with detachable silk tweed tail belt, Gem crystal silk sleeved jacket, grey suede tunic, oxblood lizard finish leggings and the Black net cutout jumpsuit with draped chiffon.
Instead of photos I took video from Mikhael Kale’s fall winter 2011 – 2012 collection

You can see all the photos from Mikhael Kale’s fall/winter 2011 collection at torontolife.com.

Images: by Jenna Marie Wakani for torontolife.com

Mikhael Kale Spring Summer 2011

Mikhael Kale Spring Summer 2011

I take everything I said about the Mihael Kale spring summer 2011 collection back. His clothing is all about the woman wearing it and I’ve seen it done very well.  All I know the models during LGFW didn’t wear his clothing to it’s fullest potential.

Mikhael Kale Spring Summer 2011

Mikhael and his team created the encrusted shoes for the lookbook which was shot by Felix Wong.

Mikhael Kale Spring Summer 2011

Mikhael Kale Spring Summer 2011

LGFW SS11: Holt Renfrew Presents Spring Summer 2011

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6734

So it’s LG Fashion Week once again. Toronto now has its own kick at the Spring Summer 2011 collections. The venue has changed to Heritage Court at Exhibition Place. It’s a lot roomier and there are lots of bathrooms. Getting into the runway room is alway a chore and that hasn’t changed. I love the exposed brick but I wish it was on both sides of the building. The non brick side could have used some extended curtains but I’m getting a little nitpicky here. Overall, decent except for the bad sun glare at the end of the night.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6996

Monday night saw Holt Renfrew bring its traditional media cocktail party to the runway. We saw some of the best of Canadian fashion in one runway show. Denis Gagnon, Jeremy Laing, Lida Baday, Line RUNWAY, Mikhael Kale, Pink Tartan, Smythe, Wayne Clark and Wings + Horns all presented several looks from their spring summer 2011 collections. This show was also a sneak peek at the upcoming Pink Tartan and Line Knitwear shows. The runway show didn’t have champers and nibbies, so it was a bit bittersweet. I stopped attending when they moved to the breakfast format started, work was beckoning at that time. Coco Rocha even attending wearing Spring Summer 2011 Greta Constantine and looking wonderful. She also gave a little speech at the beginning.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6236

I loved Jeremy Laing. His clothing is just so effortlessly cool on everyone I see. Now I’m even more excited to see the stuff in the studio. I knew I would see the entire collection from Pink Tartan and Line Knitwear the next day so I didn’t read anything into the looks shown. I would make judgments on the whole show. I liked what I did see though. I’m pretty bang on with my CBC Radio One trend predictions of colour blocking and stripes. Pink Tartan knocked that prediction out of the park.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-7193

I was glad it wasn’t the real Line Knitwear show because all I could focus on was the models and the shoes. It wasn’t pretty even though the knits and printed silks were. I’m usually the biggest Mikhael Kale fangirl and it really pains me to say that I only liked the finale dress and the tan cropped leather jacket. The dress was so sparkly and beautiful. It memorized me as it shimmered under the lights down the runway. There is little left to the imagination because of the plastic which makes it a bit scandalous. 🙂 Lida Biday and Wings + Horns were both well made lines but didn’t grab me at all.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6848

I really like the styling for Smythe. It made me smile and it looked like fun. Plus I’m a huge fangirl. I also liked the styling for Pink Tartan. You work it George.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6957

I was gaga for Denis Gagnon again. I cannot wait for his show on Friday. Cannot freaking wait! He’s continuing the string thing which I love and doing something very cool things with stripes. It was my first Wayne Clark runway experience and he opened with Rose. I love Rose she’s cool. He did a series of long red gowns with bows, ruffles and roses.

So, my LG Fashion Week posts are sponsored this week. This doesn’t affect my editorial point of view and I get awesome pit pictures out of the deal (ya and money). Bloggers can also use these photos for free on their sites. Follow the Chick Advisor Flickr Feed to see the latest shows. Next up for me is Pink Tartan, Jessica Jensen + Alexander Berardi and Line Knitwear.

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Mikhael Kale Fall Winter 2010 up close

Mikhael Kale Fall Winter 2010 - 2011 Lookbook Photoshoot
I loved Mikhael Kale Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 collection. On the weekend I got a chance to see the clothing up close. Mikhael was shooting the lookbook in an alley in the east end.

Mikhael Kale Fall Winter 2010 - 2011

I brought the trusty Olympus E-PL1 put her into macro mode and went to town with pictures. You really need to see the details of Mikhael Kale’s dresses, it’s incredible.  The garments are like works of art.

Mikhael Kale Fall Winter 2010 - 2011

Mikhael Kale Fall Winter 2010 - 2011

Mikhael Kale Fall Winter 2010 - 2011

Mikhael is getting some great press at the moment. He was featured in Vogue.com when Mark Holgate came to town. The latest celebrity to be seen in his designs is J.Lo. Beyonce and Ciara have already been spotted in his work.

Mikhael Kale Fall Winter 2010 - 2011 Lookbook Photoshoot
See all my photos from the shoot.

Mihkael Kale is available at Holt Renfrew in Canada.

TFW – Mikhael Kale – Fall Winter 2010 2011

I didn’t even know about the Mikhael Kale presentation at the Spoke Club until the day before. Thankfully a resourceful and close fashion friend alerted me to this and expertly took care of everything. Soon we were rushing out of Evan Biddel and hopping into a cab desperately hoping to make the start of the show.

I only see Mikhael’s collections at the Holt Renfrew’s LG Fashion week cocktail parties. This year it became a breakfast and I was at the office in a meeting room with my lovely coworkers discussing trade processing and business scenarios. The joys of a double life. I was really disappointed that I missed the breakfast so I didn’t want to miss the Spoke Club gig either.

We made it to the show in the nick of time. The runway room was tightly packed and had a raised runway. I knew my newbie camera skills would fail me again. I tried my best with the photos but being backlight and super close didn’t help me. TCHAD has some photos of the event including backstage shots.. The show featured a few looks from Mikhael’s Spring Summer 2010 and Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 collections.

Mikhale Kale - Spring Summer 2010
TFW - Mikhael Kale - Spring Summer 2010

Spring was a series of super short pastel coloured dresses. Some were strapless and details included snake-skin accents and brocade fabrics. I would wear leggings or really opaque tights with these dresses, they are a little too short for me and I love showing leg. The Mikhael Kale website has a good display of all the looks in the spring summer 2010 collection.

Mikhale Kale - Fall Winter 2010 2011
TFW - Mikhael Kale - Fall Winter 2010 2011

This was the only collection of the week that floored me. He showed a series of dead sexy dresses and contrasting minimal coats. The looks were beautiful, inventive, rich in detail and well constructed. Mikhael is the only person that can put so many design details on a garment and get away with it. It really is a gift. The dresses incorporated sheer panels, mini ruffles, reptile like fabrics, beading, applique and plastic floral like embellishments. The colour palette was only grey and black.

Mikhael Kale - Fall Winter 2010 2011
TFW - Mikhael Kale - Fall Winter 2010 2011

The finale jumpsuit with the reptile treated fabric was to die for. I would learn from Mikhael after the show that he created the fabric himself by dipping it in acrylic and cracking it to create the pattern. I can just see this man holed up in his studio for days at a time without emerging working on his creations.

I’ve always thought Mikhael Kale was one of those under the radar designers. It’s a shame more media didn’t know about this show.  Photos of Mikhael’s work is hard to come by on the Internet.  Hopefully the article “Made in Canada: Breakfast with a Whole New Generation of Designers” on Vogue.com changes that.

Mikhael Kale Fall Winter 2010

Mikhael Kale Spring Summer 2010

Fashion House From Runway to Hallway Designer Videos

I wrote about the Fashion House From Runway to Hallway preview in the summer of 2009. I’ve discovered some videos of the designers talking about the project.

Celebrate the best in Canadian fashion in the heart of Toronto’s Fashion District. Eleven of Canada’s premier fashion designers have added their personal touches to the floors of Fashion House and will be on hand to toast Toronto’s first, award-winning fashion / condo project. This is your chance to mix, mingle and immerse yourself in all that is made-to-measure and ready to dwell. Fashion House – impeccable style from the inside, out.

Andy The Anh

Jeremy Laing




Michael Kale

Jenny Bird

Greta Constantine

Joeffer Caoc

Dean Davidson

TEFW – Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail


I always enjoy the Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail and I think they might have put the best one on yet. The 3rd floor Contemporary space was more open. No more talking through the racks of clothing. The runway was nice and high so everyone could get good pictures.


Random celebrities showed up too. I was so angry that I missed Sam Neill in the flesh. I’ve been in love with that man since Jurassic Park. I was too busy running around talking to people and getting my picture taken. The Jeremy Laing dress I was wearing caused quiet the stir. Even Lisa Tant said she liked it. It was the first time she’s talked to me. I think of it as a personal fashion milestone. Yes, I am quite silly.


This season we saw designs from Jeremy Laing, Greta Constantine, Erza Constantine, Pink Tartan, Lida Baday, Smythe, Denis Gagnon and Mikhael Kale. They are some of our best designer talent in Canada. They are all available at Holt Renfrew. Yes, Canadian designers are available at Holt’s.



Denis Gagnon and his stylist did some DIY madness on Aldo shoes. They are so covetable. I’ve heard the rest of Denis’ collection is to die for. I need to find pictures stat. If you know of good ones, please leave a comment.


I’d love to step into Mikhael Kale’s brain. He comes up with some crazy stuff. He’s very inventive with the fabrication. Loved the bright blue and pink shoes.


This is one of my favourite dresses from the Jeremy Laing Spring 2010 collection. I love how the print converges to a point on the hip. Jeremy is so damn adorable. I knew I would see him at the cocktail and that’s why I decided to make sure I was representing him by wearing one of his dresses. I couldn’t believe that many people couldn’t figure out who I was wearing. I guess I’m just a little obsessed.





Fashion House From Runway to Hallway

Fashion House From Runway to Hallway
Fashion House From Runway to Hallway

Fashion House is a condo building that is located around Brand and King Street West. It has housed a couple fashion parties in the past. They asked 11 Canadian designers to create interiors for the floors of the building.

Celebrate the best in Canadian fashion in the heart of Toronto’s Fashion District. Eleven of Canada’s premier fashion designers have added their personal touches to the floors of Fashion House and will be on hand to toast Toronto’s first, award-winning fashion / condo project. This is your chance to mix, mingle and immerse yourself in all that is made-to-measure and ready to dwell. Fashion House – impeccable style from the inside, out.

The party was a mix of designers, media, Holt Renfrew staff, unit owners and developer friends. The Holt Renfrew connection is through the Unit Holder contest. If you buy a unit you have a chance to win a $100,000 shopping spree at Holt Renfrew. That’s some serious coin to go through.

Beckerman Fashion House
Bustle - Fashion House
Joeffer Caoc Fashion House
Joeffer Caoc
Jenny Bird - Fashion House
Jenny Bird
Greta Constantine - Fashion House
Andy Thê-Anh - Fashion House
Andy Thê-Anh

I loved Andy Thê-Anh board. The dress is made from wood. It’s beautiful.

Jay Godfrey - Fashion House
Jay Godfrey
Jeremy Laing Fashion House
Jeremy Laing

I’m very intrigued by Jeremy’s print choice.

Smythe - Fashion House
Dean Davidson - Fashion House
Dean Davidson
Mikhael Kale Fashion House From Runway to Hallway
Mikhael Kale

I also have a couple people snaps

Beckmans and Jay Godfrey
The Beckermans and Jay Godfrey

Fashion House From Runway to Hallway
Natalie and Me

I felt that Dean Davidson, Jay Godfrey, Jenny Bird and Greta Constantine boards were the most clear. Many of the others were very conceptual and I couldn’t get my head around how it would translate. I felt all the boards needed some labeling. It was hard to figure out whose was who and it was only after talking to some of the designers I figured it out.

The best part of the night was when Yasmine Warsame introduced herself and her son to me. I was in total shock! She’s amazing.

Check out the slideshow, I have some more photos of the designer boards.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Holt Renfrew celebrates Canadian Fashion

After a season off the Holt Renfrew celebrates Canadian Fashion event was back on the LFW schedule. This is one of my favourite events of fashion week. It gives you the ability to see the clothing up close and meet the designers.

This season it was hosted by Adrian Mainella of Fashion File instead of the free for all type atmosphere that was present in previous ventures. A clothing designer was paired up with a jewelry designer to showcase the work. There was a little Q&A session with each designer pair conducted by Adrian.

First to show was partners in crime, Greta Constantine and Dandi Maestre. I’m a big fan of the designers work. They really complemented each other in the presentation, which was different from the runway show where I thought Danni’s accessories overpowered the clothing. Get rid of the handbags and what do you know, balance is once again restored. I had a bit of bias at the show too because I was lucky enough to get a preview of the Greta collection at their studio. Maybe I wouldn’t have noticed so much if everything was new to me.

Next up was Dean Davidson and Jeremy Laing. I’m also a fan of both designers. Regular readers of my blog know that I love Jeremy big time. Dean’s signature brushed metal finish makes his jewelry a winner in my books too. It was great to see the green and yellow dress in person. It was my favourite of the spring 2009 collection.

The final pairing was Mikhael Kale and Jaleh Farhadpour. Jaleh is all about the diamonds and precious stones. The black diamond bracelet (pictured above) is quite beautiful. Mikhael showed three dresses which I found a little surprising. There wasn’t any of his rock and roll tough girl pieces. I loved the black dress pictured above. They actually appeared on the runway at the LG Fashion Fusion party.

I liked the new format as it gave the audience a chance to hear the designers talk about their inspiration and process. The audience, in typical Canadian style, was very shy and no one asked the designers any questions.

Slideshow after the jump