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What fashion koolaid was Anita drinking in 2009

There are some trends I got behind this year that aren’t for everyone. I’ve drunk the fashion koolaid if you will on some trends. Here are the ones that made it into my closet. 1. Jumpsuits – This really started at Fashion sCares, but I acquired several more jumpsuits over 2009. 2. Leggings – leather and liquid. I enjoyed getting my Member’s Only liquid leggings for cheap. I wore my Danier Leather legging to death in the fourth quarter of 2009 3. Skinny Jeans – like leggings, it took me awhile to wrap my head around skinny denim. It looks great with boots and now I have a hard time liking other styles. Figures just as the skinny trend is waning (perhaps?) 4. Harem pants – By the end of the year I had acquired a beautiful pair of harem pants from Biddell 5. Drop crotch pants – I got my first pair early in the year and I was lucky enough to get a pair of Biddell’s famous drop crotch denim. 6. Oversized Tshirts …

i got: Marc by Marc Jacobs Tobo Handbag

The Oracle stared at my Weekend Bag by m0581. “This”, he said complete with hand gestures, “has to go.” It’s true, my beautiful robin’s egg blue bag had seen better days. So for Christmas, I received theMarc by Marc Jacobs Tobo Handbag as a replacement. I helped pick it out too. I love the colour and the fact it’s made out of neoprene. The neoprene has the letter of Marc by Marc Jacobs embedded in the fabric but it’s not in order. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Tobo Handbag is available at Holt Renfrew. images:

i want: Sporty SpinTO Style

I’m hear to talk style for the SpinTO party on May 15, 2009 (Friday!!!). I don’t have my outfit yet. I have a back up plan, that’s the gold plan. I have another idea, but it’s more sporty than gold. With an unlimited budget however my Sporty SpinTO party outfit would be amazing. So, I thought I would dream up an “i want” SpinTO style. My favourite pieces are from ThreeASFOUR I’m head over heels for this catsuit. Paired with a sheer tunic or tank top, sigh! Of course there is the hotter than hell Alexander McQueen legging and top combo. You can do it Prada Style. I’m particularly fond of the yellow House of Holland bicycle shorts. I pair it with a nice white racerback tank. Or Alexander Wang, who even showcased bicycle shorts in leather for Fall 2009. They aren’t pictured because they are kinda ugly. SpinTO is a perfect event to showcase the bike short trend that has been gaining strength throughout the last few seasons. My choices are from Resort 2009 …

Proenza Schouler Ready to Wear – Resort 2009

It’s weird. I’m really loving some of the looks for Resort that I probably shouldn’t. I can’t explain what draws me to these looks and I can’t believe I like the jumpsuit. The collar on this jacket is great. Some looks I just don’t get though, like this one via the Fashion Spot – Proenza Schouler Resort 2009 images: