What does Barbara think? NY Fashion Week SS10 Edition

Alexander Wang Spring 2010 shoes

I was reading the Buyers Laud New York Fashion Shows article in WWD today. I’m always interested in what the buyers/retailers think of the collections. For the last few seasons I’ve been posting about Barbara Atkin’s feelings on the show. Spring 2010 is no exception.

Barbara Atkin, vice president of fashion direction at Toronto-based Holt Renfrew: “The week was very optimistic with a beautiful lightweight feeling to the clothes and beautiful palettes. The season was fresh and modern and spoke to a new generation who is traveling and packing light. In this economy, it’s all about fit and quality, looking at clothing and saying, ‘This is worth the money I’m spending.’ If it’s not going to jump out at the customer, she’s not going to buy it.

“Oscar de la Renta understands his woman and understands the casual lifestyle. At the same time, he knows this woman needs a structured, tailored suit, and he still makes it feel modern. Marc Jacobs is a visionary. He took essential pieces and cultural elements from around the world and gave it back to us in a very interesting way. Where’s the salability? Underneath it all. He had beautiful toppers and trenches and the most beautiful soft ruffled dresses. Tory Burch got it right by taking the essentials and putting them together in a new way and democratizing fashion. She’s giving us beautiful clothes at not extraordinary prices. Donna Karan took the skirt suit and dress and made it modern. Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang are speaking to a new generation and I love their vision.

“Everything looked very salable. There was an eye toward salability, yet there was enough art and newness that will compel women to buy.”

Many other buyers weigh in on the collection you can read the article on WWD.com.

Lingerie Francaise presents Secret of Seduction


I usually one to skip lingerie shows. They are usually held a clubs and aren’t really a fashion but a vehicle to get horny men into the venue and buying alcohol. However last year I attended Lingerie Francaise presents Secret of Seduction which was a showcase of the top companies in France. I was a big fan of two of the companies in the show so I decided to attend. To my surprised I enjoyed myself so when the opportunity came up again I said yes and brought my trusty photog www.paulbaikphoto.com to document. I knew Paul would enjoy this gig immensely.


The night will once again feature coveted brands last year’s celebrated evening; Lejaby, Elixir, Simone Perele, Chantelle, and Passionata will all share their unique fashion visions. Newcomers to the event Empreinte and Gerbe hosiery round out the selection for an evening that promises to provide a truly comprehensive presentation of the seductive and feminine world of lingerie.


Details and embellishments are a strong trend for 2009/2010 with florals, embroidery and lace appearing in designs from Elixir, Lejaby and Passionata. Chantelle and Simone Perele continue their proud tradition of creating perfectly crafted pieces that enfold feminine lace details into designs that celebrate a woman’s shape and newcomer Empreinte delivers delicate designs for full busted women. Hand and made to measure luxury hosiery Gerbe adds a splash of colour and depth to the presentation with hues of purple, red, fuschia, chocolate and black adding the perfect finishing touch to each look



Last years event was at the Carlu but this year they used the Wychwood Barns which is a gorgeous space for a fashion show. It has the length to accommodate a long straight runway. The space was also big enough to seat a fair number of guests. The runway was raised which is can be a blessing or a curse depending on what you are into ;). Sometimes the raised runways leads to Too Much Information depending on where you are sitting. This show is usually the largest display of straight males at a fashion show I’ve seen. Watching them as the show is taking place is always a must.



The show featured 6 brands (list brands). It also incorporated a ballet acrobat performance piece in the middle. It was a little unusual because it wasn’t something that was part of last years show. Ballet dancers and an acrobat performed feats of strength and beauty using ropes dangling from the ceiling.


The show itself was a bit over styled. The models wore large jewellery, some kind or head gear, cropped jackets, feather fans, feather boas. It was a little too much at times. The intermission entertainment was beautifully performed it felt out of place in the show. Of the six I enjoyed the Chantelle products the most. They were the most adult looking of the bunch. The finale was a twist on a wedding march, complete with bride and groom. Both were female(the twist) with the groom wearing tails and the bride wearing a veil.



I preferred last years show for the lingerie but the Wychwood Barns makes for a great fashion show venue. See all the looks in the slideshow.

Photos Taken by Paul Baik for I want – I got

Men’s Spring 2010 Fashion Show Venues

Wallpaper.com did there seasonal post about fashion show venues. I always like seeing the photos of the venues before the people, models, photographers and clothing arrive.


The Moncler venue is stunning. The models walked on the deck of the pool.

Galliano - My Favourite

I love the graffiti in venue, it was quite the contrast to the John Galliano Sprign 2010 collection.

images: Wallpaper.com.

Philip Sparks Spring 2010 Lookbook – Behind The Scenes

I was lucky enough to catch the photoshoot for the Philip Sparks Spring 2010 Lookbook. I didn’t want to post my pictures until the lookbook hit the streets. Now it’s out, I can share some of my behind the scenes experience.

The table of accessories. I did my Fun with Hats posts with items from this table

I was drooling a little when Damien walked in the door. He’s legal, but way too young for me.

Philip and Mackenzie talking about the shot





See all my photos from that day

Spring 2010 Footwear Sketch Preview

Spring 2010 Footwear Sketch Preview max kibardin

I was reading the Footwear News section of WWD and came across designer sketches for the Spring 2010 collection. I find the different drawing styles fascinating in footwear sketches. The impossible arch and exaggerated foot proportions draw me in.

Rupert Sanderson, Alexandra Neel, Giuseppe Zanotti, Max Kibardin, Omelle

images: Spring Sketch Preview – WWD.com

Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2010

EDIT (Jan 18, 2010): Check out the Spring Summer 2010 Runway Fashion Trends post for trends that were spotted on the runways. This post is about trend forecasting and was originally posted before the runway shows. It doesn’t reflect what has been show on the runways.

Some of the trends for Spring 2010 are coming out. Come back to this page with updates as more trend stories come up.

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