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geekiviews: More thoughts on Care by Stella McCartney


In the post geekiviews: Care by Stella McCartney, I talked about the new Stella McCartney skincare product line I’m testing out. I’ve been using the product for a month now and I’m liking it a lot. I am a little surprised that the line doesn’t have eye cream, facial scrub or mask offerings. I received a bunch of different products. Two cleansers, Three elixirs and three moisturizing creams.

I love the foam cleanser. It smells great and isn’t irritating to the skin at all. It also does a very good job of cleaning and removing water based makeup. I have kept the Dermalogica practice of washing my face twice, which first removes any pollution and then gets to cleaning the skin proper. I like the results of this cleanser better than my regular Dermalogica routine.

I also received a cream cleanser which I’ve had no experience with before. I wasn’t even sure how to use cream cleanser until a few months ago. I’ve used the product a couple of times. It’s great for those late nights when you just want to fall into bed but you know you should wash your face. You just rub some in and then tissue it off. It’s very moisturizing since it’s cream based.

The elixirs have different uses. The Calming and Soothing elixir is cream based. The Nourishing and Radiance & Youth elixir are oil based. I really don’t pay attention enough to notice the difference between the Calming and Soothing and Radiance & Youth elixirs. However, the Nourishing elixir is just that. You use it at night and it’s super moisturizing. Perfect for Canadian winters and my dry apartment.

There are 3 types of moisturizing creams, a fluid, cream and night cream. The night cream is used with the Nourishing elixir. The fluid moisturizer is a lighter version of the cream moisturizer. The differences between the cleaners and moisturizers are all about personal preference. I prefer the foam and the fluid myself. All of the products in the line are quite gentle. I like the matte finish of the Stella products as the Dermalogica ones were always a little shiny.

Well readers, I’ve been given a coupon for Care by Stella McCartney that you can redeem at The Bay. Just print it off, it expires in January, 2009