|FAT| 2009 Day 1

I attended [FAT], Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week, at the Distillery District last week. It was four days of music, art and fashion. It was a long week, so very long. I thought of bailing on many days of FAT, but I never want to miss any of the fashion shows. It’s always an internal battle.

There are a lot of designers to get through. So most of my reviews will be brief using word association. I’ll expand on a collection when necessary. Each day will get it’s own post.

Day 1 |HOME|

Designers and artists explore the place which is most familiar and known to us. The night looks at the meaning of home through culture and history, romance and beauty, power and subtlety, sexuality and domesticity.


Fashion Whore – 50s, Vibrant prints, candy, nautical, baby doll dresses.


Diepo – Boudoir, femme fatale, midriff, 40s, black, feminine


Katrina Tuttle – houndstooth, party dresses, bubble hem, mix of textures with some unnecessary detail in places. The designer modeled in her own show, I liked that.


Nahanee by Jillian Grant – tribal influence (Africa, North American natives), Carnival in Rio, cross tops, gstrings and fringe covered bottoms


Love Cliche – mixture of textures, Chanel inspired skirt, too much fringe


Matryoshka by Pink Lady – felt the material of choice, brilliant colours, babushka, Katy Perry


Yang Yang – Amazing finale (pictured above), Chinese, abstract, nautical, stuffed clothing companions. All the models in white and red runners which happened to be the footwear of choice of the designer


Christopher Paunil – Bridal collection. Some of the fabric colours didn’t match up (unless that was intentional). I loved the tiered finale dress (pictured above) until I saw the applique that was applied. There was a singer who performed during the fashion show.


Lubica – bold colour, L.A. jersey dress styles, colour blocking, Caribbean Island girl style. Really liked this collection of jersey dresses, great colour combination with flower details.


Jessica May Clayton – Saw the collection at Mass Exodus. I really liked the sequined pieces until I saw that they didn’t cover the garment. I couldn’t deal when the model’s backs were to me. Beautiful front you should make the back count too.


Vesture – Most original use of shapes of the night. However, clothing needs to allow for movement if it’s to be of practical value to people. I hope they are aware their YSL cocoon reference was just that.

Top Shows of Day 1 – Lubica, Yang Yang

Day 1 Gallery will complete looks from all fashion shows.

All Photos Taken by Paul Baik for I want – I got, http://www.paulbaikphoto.com/

By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.


  1. Your FAT coverage was exactly what I was looking for – a down and dirty overview. Unlike last year, I felt like there was some solid fashion on the runway. I’m so over unfinished hems and bias cuts – lame. Anyway, I just wanted to post and say, “Great coverage” and a sincere “Thank You”

    J’adore your blog.

  2. Hi Marie

    Thanks so much. I honestly wanted to add some more meat to my coverage, but there are just too many designers and not enough time in the day for me to do everything. I kinda like the word association game though.

    Thanks so much for reading my blog, you’re awesome 🙂

  3. hey!
    question: what do you mean you “liked the tiered dress until you saw the applique that was applied”?

    1. Hi Christopher

      You know those flowers or whatever they were that were added on some of the tiers of the dress. I felt there weren’t necessary at all as the dress was perfect on it’s own. They looked misplaced and awkward. Just my two cents.

  4. Hey Anita,

    Oh okay…cool…thanks for the clarification!…oh yeah, and thanks for letting the world know on twitter I wasn’t being a bitch:) lol

    ..I welcome all comments:)

  5. Hey Christopher. That was a reference to a little comment war that I had with another designer that showed at L’Oreal Fashion Week one season (If you are interested, search for my 2008 year in review post in Jan). It was refreshing to have a civil discussion about your collection without it getting all emotional and bitchy.

    Keep up the great work.

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