Butikofer Spring 2009 available at Fawn, Charlie and UPC

The Butikofer Spring 2009 collection is now available at Fawn, UPC and Charlie in Toronto.

Butikofer Spring 2009 snap-dress

The Butikofer label was established in 2007 and has been well received by both the Canadian fashion industry and media alike. Having received awards as the TFI [Toronto Fashion Incubator] New Label’s Competition Finalist and NOW Magazine Designer Grand Prize Winner Butikofer has become somewhat of a media darling. She has since then been featured in The Toronto Star, National Post, LouLou, Gloss magazine, Eye Weekly, NOW, the Metro, Canadian Teen Girl, Toronto Street Fashion, Rags and Mags, blog TO, Muted magazine and the Underground

My favourite piece of the collection is the Snap Dress (pictured above). It comes in silk which is available at Fawn and stretch linen at UPC.

Information about styles in the gallery.

1. Boyscout black, stretch linen and chino stretch linen. At Charlie and UPC.
2. Balance pant, raw black denim. At Fawn and UPC.
3 and 4. Snap dress in silk at Fawn. In stretch linen at UPC.
5. bomber dress, black stretch linen and chino stretch linen. At Charlie and UPC.
6. Bomber blazer, black stretch linen lined with coral cotton. At Charlie and UPC.
7. Mesh 70’s sweater, black cotton mesh. At Charlie
8. ‘Long term boyfriend’ pant, black stretch linen, chino stretch linen, snap and roll hem. At Charlie and UPC.
9. ‘Short term boyfriend’ shorts, black stretch linen. At Charlie and UPC.
10. Skirt, black stretch linen. At Charlie and UPC.

Of course this is all available online at butikofer.com/store too.

i want: Olympia Black Leather Sandals – Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Olympia Black Leather Sandals

Olympia Black Leather Sandals - Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent

You wouldn’t know by the weather in Toronto but it’s Springtime and I’m getting sandals on the brain. I’m kinda over my gladiators. I barely wore them last year as I didn’t have the heart. There were too many bad knee-high gladiator boot sandal things going on and in horrible colour schemes too. I’m now looking for more interesting sandals to fill the void. This is where these Olympia Black Leather Sandals from Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent come in.

You can purchase these sandals through the Canadian online retailer S|Sense. Shipping is free for Canada.

Toujuours by FRANKE available soon at Chasse Garde

‘I Am’ Franke FW08 Fashion Film Video by Franke (fran.kee) – MySpace Video .
A new Spring 2009 capsule collection by FRANKE will arrive later this month (April 2009) at Chasse Garde. This collection is exclusive to the store.

Les rêves sont nécessaires à la vie

Since I don’t have any photos of the collection yet, I thought you might like to see the FRANKE Fall 2008 fashion film.

'I Am' Franke FW08 Fashion Film

i want: Stellite Limited Edition Ring by Stefania Lucchetta

Stellite Limited Edition Ring by Stefania Lucchetta

Stellite Limited Edition Ring by Stefania Lucchetta

This is one of the coolest rings I’ve seen. It’s made of this material called Stellite, which is a cobalt-chromium alloy. There were only 30 of these rings made. Not only am I nerding out because of the Stellite, but I’ve seen this gem on the website

Made and designed using models and three-dimensional software

Stellite Limited Edition Ring by Stefania Lucchetta

It’s a pricey ring and you can find out the price by clicking the link. Available online only.

Stefanie Lucchetta website

P.S. Luisaviaroma.com ships to Canada, US and Europe for free!

i want: Alexander McQueen leggings 

Eiffel Tower Leggings - Spring 2009

I was a fan of Alexander McQueen’s print crazy Spring 2009 collection. These leggings are so amazing and so expensive. I hoping they are like hand printed or something like that. They are made from lycra and very beautiful in person.

Skeleton-print Lycra leggings, Crystal print leggings, Eiffel Tower leggings, Alexander McQueen Eiffel Tower top

To be totally badass I would love to pair the Eiffel Tower leggings with the Alexander McQueen Eiffel Tower top and a pair of Metallic shoe boots.

Holt Renfrew is carrying the Crystal print and the wood grain print leggings at the Bloor Street store.

images: net-a-porter.com

i want: Omelle Shoes

I just discovered this incredible shoe company called Omelle. They have some great original designs that aren’t too girly. They have an edge.

Artist by Omelle
Artist by Omelle Shoes Spring 2009

Artist by Omelle Shoes Back

The Artist is my favourite in the amazing Spring 2009 collection, it has a very different design. Check out the back of this shoe, HOT people, HOT!

Dillon by Omelle
Dillon by Omelle Shoes Spring 2009

There is no one in Toronto selling these (What is wrong with Toronto!!!!!) but you can get them in Vancouver at Baccis.

Have you been in H&M recently…

I have a real hate on for the spring merchandise in H&M recently. It’s terrible in there. I’m amazed at how awful everything is. Mind you I’m not impressed with Zara or Club Monaco right now either, but there are still some decent pieces in those stores. They are actually attempting to follow the trends for the season for people to purchase. I can’t tell what trends H&M are going for at all.

Dallas at H&M

This is Dallas tshirt has made me write off H&M this season. It’s offends all my fashion sensibilities and I pray I never see it on the streets.

i want: Miss Lanvin Dolls

There are a few of the Miss Lanvin porcelain dolls available at Lusiaviaroma site if anyone is looking to acquire one. I talked about these dolls that are inspried by the Spring 2009 collection previously. There are also keychains which are cheaper and made out of metal. The details are incredible, tulle, pearls and satin.

Miss Lanvin Doll in Green

Miss Lanvin Doll Spring 2009

Miss Lanvin Doll Keychain in Red, Miss Lanvin Doll Keychain the Bride

Miss Lanvin Doll Spring 2009 keychainMiss Lanvin Doll Spring 2009 keychain

Miss Lanvin Doll in black

Miss Lanvin Doll Spring 2009

I can see these being great for a porcelain doll collector or a crazy Lanvin collector.

images: luisaviaroma.com

i want: Melissa Plastic Dreams

The more I see of these Melissa Shoes, the more I like them. The plastic thing does throws me off for anything other than an sandal. The heels have a padded footbed though, they might be comfortable.

Melissa Plastic Dreams

However you can’t complain about beautiful shoes like these. I love the colour and shape

Melissa Plastic Dreams - Zaha Hadid

I’m also a fan of the pair designed by famous Architect, Zaha Hadid. They have an unusual shape too.

I’ve seen Melissa shoes at various places in the city:
Lavish and Squalor
Little Burgundy

EDIT: Holt Renfrew is now carrying the Melissa Zaha Hadid Shoes. – April 15, 2009

via Highsnobette.com

images: melissaplasticdreams.com and Highsnobette.com