i want: Last Exit to Nowhere Tshirts

Last Exit to Nowhere makes tshirts inspired by movies. I love this shit. They are out of the U.K. and unfortunately one shirt would cost me about $50 bucks. Canadians don’t even get 50pence to the dollar, frustrating.


Inspired by one of my all time favourite movies, Robocop. Can you guess the other references?
Weyland-Yutani Corp
Weyland-Yutani Corp

i want: A Hussein Chalayan tshirt

A Hussein Chalayan tshirt
A Hussein Chalayan tshirt

He makes mens and womens tshirts too. They are pretty neat. I love this one called The Blind.

Inspired by surveillance and CCTV culture in contemporary life depicts an illustration of a blind suggesting presence of someone behind and a sense of being watched.

Hussein Chalayan has a Canadian stockist surprisingly
Ursula B
1455 Rue Peel, Montréal,

thx stylescribble

Original Live Aid concert shirts auctioned for Africa

James Applegath, owner of Defunkd emailed me about a great charity auction he is hosting for Africa Aid. Defunked is an online vintage t-shirt boutique specializing in the sale of rare and collectible concert t-shirts. Africa Aid, a non-profit organization which provides financial assistance to underprivileged African communities through a range of initiatives, from AIDS-related issues to education and sustainable development. It started with 20 original Live Aid concert tshirts he found at one of his supply outlets.
Defunkd - Original Live Aid concert shirts auctioned for Africa

“It is without a doubt my best discovery,” he says. “I have never come across one of these shirts, let alone twenty of them in pristine condition. I felt a little like Geraldo Rivera did, searching through Al Capone’s vaults – except I actually found something.” Having been involved in other community and charitable efforts, Applegath realized the value of these shirts extended beyond their monetary worth. “After doing some research, I learned that hunger issues in Africa have long been overshadowed by the rise in prominence over AIDS. I figured that my partnership with Africa Aid and this auction would be a great way to raise funds for a cause that needs renewed awareness,” he added. Applegath says that in the past, some Live Aid shirts have fetched up to $500 in online auctions.

In an effort to pay homage to the aims of the original Live Aid concert, Africa Aid has chosen their School Lunch Program to be the recipient of the proceeds. This program provides a nutritious lunch daily to hundreds of refugee children in Ghana.

image: defunkd.com

Style Cog

This is the a cool idea, so I’ve adopted it from Danielle, who adopted it from Style Bubble.

I’m really interested in what other people’s wardrobe mechanics consists of so, if you have a little time to do some quick picture searching on Google, please do send me your cogs of style and I will post them up (they will look oh so cool next to each other!). Just to give you a few tips, I don’t mean things that inspire you or things that you want. What I mean are things that you can’t live without on a daily basis in your wardrobe, the things you use to glue everything together OR things that you consider trademarks of your style.

My style cog is about generalities. I usually have many versions of any one cogs. I won’t get into specifics, there are too many and I have no time. I’ll use existing posts to highlight my choices. Saves me from taking pictures. 😀

1. Sneakers – Adidas and Diesel are my favourites right now. I live in sneaks. Ya, I got heels and stuff and they are fun, but my heart is in the sneaker.
Adidas Gerd Muller

i want…

Donkey T-shirt by Hardboiled Inc.
Donkey by Hardboiled

Fairy by Hardboiled

Hardboiled is available at:

Hardboiled Inc.
82 Nassau St.
Toronto ON
M5T 1M5
info @ hardboiledinc.com
416-203-3373 or Toll Free at 1-877-877-0247

249 Crawford Street
Toronto, ON M6J 2V7
(647) 436-4761

Mackage I’m flattered

How nice of Mackage to name a coat after me. LOL.
Anita Coat by Mackage in brownAnita coat by Mackage
I saw this beautiful coat on the Browns website and fell in love. It was only when I went looking for good pictures did I find out that the coat is named Anita (geekigirl’s alter ego). And they know me so well, it’s military inspired. YES!!!!!

Mackage coats are available at a lot of places in TO, to many to list actually. If you go to their website and click stores, they will happily email you the list.

Pics from Revolve Clothing.