Secrets from your sister

So I decided to get a bra fitting on the weekend. Since I was in the Annex I ended up at Secrets from your sister. It was quite busy so there was a wait. It was well worth it. The staff are awesome. Friendly and helpful, their motto is “you won’t leave here with a bra that doesn’t fit”. I had lots of fun trying on many different bras. I also made some new friends

Princesse Tam-Tam from France
Charnos from the UK
Liz from Brazil

Calvin Klein used to be my favourite. No more, Princesse Tam-Tam has won my heart.

Secrets from your Sister
476 Bloor Street West – map it!!
Toronto, ON M5S 1X8
Phone: 416-538-1234
M–F 10–7, Sa 10–6, Su noon–6

i got…(Naal)

I was on the receiving end of a very cute gift this weekend. Naal by STRANGEco.
Action Fighter Naal
Naal action fighter
Mushroom Lover Naal
Naal Mushroom Lover

Innocent-looking Naal is the first character in the series – a determined keeper of the mushroom patch. Naal’s ultrasonic helmet listens for the sound of any unwanted shroom-spiders and once engaged in battle, Naal furiously defends his plantation decked in robot arms, war pipe and visor.
Naal comes complete with a complement of accessories for both his Action Hero and Mushroom Lover forms, including 2 separate helmets, arms and pipes, as well as 2 mushrooms and a small family of shroom-spiders!(source)

Magic Pony on Queen Street West is the place to get designer toys and where my lovely Naal came from. The store will have you drooling over everything.

Magic Pony
694 Queen St West – map it!!!
Toronto, ON
M6J 1E7
tel: 416.861.1684

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i got…(Thinking of you)

Thinking of you by Dan Brown
Thinking of you by Sam Brown

Sam Brown is the comic artist behind Exploding Dog. His

hi my name is sam,
i draw pictures, from your titles. send me a title, or any thing else you want to talk to me about

A good friend of mine sent me an autographed copy of Thinking of You. It was a very cool gift. Thinking of you is a hardcover book made for the fifth year of the explodingdog website. It contains over 140 full colour pictures selected from the last five years of explodingdog. Sam Brown’s work is like nothing I’ve seen before, it works to my sense of humour, perhaps not to others.
Some of my favourites are:
were all gonna die
and so it begins
trust me, it’s going to be ok

Sam Brown came to Toronto this summer for The Toronto Comic Arts Festival. I got to meet him briefly and got him to sign my copy of Amazing Rain. Hopefully, he will be back again in 2006. For you Canadian folk carries Amazing Rain also.
Amazing Rain by Sam Brown

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i got… (Lip Venom)

Lip Venom by DuWop
DuWop's Lip Venom

Lip Venom is a spicy, tingly gloss that enhances the natural color and shape of the lips by increasing circulation with a blend of essential oils including cinnamon and ginger. The result: shiny, bee-stung lips.(source)

This is not a new purchase, but I like the stuff so it’s a post. I ordered a sample from the company before I bit the bullet. I had read in the Red Flag Deals forums that they sent samples. I was hooked. I also have the Windflower Venom Gloss. For those freaking about the spicy part of this, they do have a Lip Venom Lite version which isn’t as powerful and not as fun.

Sephora which is suppose to be the beauty superstore only carries the Lip Venom. Holt Renfrew on the other hand carries the whole DuWop lineup.

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i got…(Oddzballz)

I bought the purple one, its name is Slupeez. These cute little cell phone charms are made by the talented Elsa Kawai. I first saw them in early December and ordered one without hesitation. They are all handmade and no two are exactly alike (just like high priced denim guys!). While they are listed as cell phone charms, I plan on using mine as a bag charm. They would be good on a keychain also.

The First OddzBallz
Why the name?? Because they are odd and round like a ball! The OddzBallz are the offspring of my fantasy and the first OddzBallz saw the face of this earth on a warm summer day in 2005 when I did some random drawings in my sketchbook, while waiting for my flight to Providence, RI. My brain suddenly had an inspiration and my hands produced a funny creature, which turned out to be the prototype OddBeez character. I wanted OddBeez to have a body & soul, so I gave him a body using clay materials. I then baked him in the oven to make him tough. Finally, I kissed OddBeez to give him part of my soul. And that’s how the first OddzBallz was born…

OddzBallz – A Part of Me
These creatures are really part of me – their looks and names are sort of related to me:
Oddbeez, the sleepy OddzBallz – cause I love to sleep!
Qwepeez, the ill-tempered, sneezing OddzBallz – cause I love to be stubborn sometimes!
Slupeez, the hungry OddzBallz – cause I love to eat and slurp!

The Oddzballz jewelry charms are all handcrafted with pride in my very own dwellings in Virginia/ Rhode Island. Each of them is unique, because they are handmade, almost like us…we are unique and we deserve unique things in life…(source)

From the looks of the website Elsa started selling Oddzballz in October, 2005 and has already produced several runs of Oddzballzs. Congrats Elsa, that is freakin’ fantastic. For 2006 she has created 2 new limited edition designs

Oddzballz limited edition

I ordered Deveelz since it’s closer to my evil nature, hee hee. There are only 500 of each one so get to steppin’

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i go: ACuddle Pullover by Lululemon

Cuddle Pullover by Lululemon
Lululemon Cuddle Pullover

I’m not a crazy Lululemon junkie. I own none of their shorts, tank tops or pants. I do own this and another hoodie though and I really love them. The test of a great hoodie is in the hood and these are great. Lululemon hoodies are made to last using super thick cotton. They are preshrunk so you can toss then in the dryer. To be honest, it took me a year to put my other hoodie in the dryer. I’m obsessive with my clothes and wash anything I really, really care about in cold water and I hang it to dry. Oh and it’s black, not pink like the picture.

i got: 1964 PAC Sorel boots

1964 PAC Sorel boots
1964 PAC Sorel Boots

This was the most difficult of my boxing day finds. Aldo is selling Sorels, seems they had some partnership as the boots were branded with both logos. Anyways, I had no intention of getting white boots, but all other colours were sold out in my size. I found my size in white in 2 of the 5 Aldos I visited. They are damn popular this season. I was in a rush to find these things as they were on sale from $99.99 to $79.99 and there was an additional 25% off before 11a.m. That extra 25% worked out to $19.00 and the boots finally cost $59.99. Woot! I wasn’t crazy on the colour at first, but I was thinking function over fashion. I wasn’t stupid enough to feel the $40 extra was worth having brown Sorels.
These boots are light, very, very warm and best of all WATERPROOF. I will no longer cringe at those nasty, salty and slushy puddles at intersections. I will walk through them proudly laughing at the other suckers jumping around them, hee hee. 😀

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I discovered on boingboing.

Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade. Etsy lets you shop by color, place, time and material.

You can read more about here.

I can browse this site for days on end, there is just so many different things to look at. For example I purchased this tank top from Little Odd Forest out of Singapore.
Blue Owl Tank Top
When I opened this package I was so suprised by the presentation of the product, it was extremely professional and inlcuded some goodies (a button, some postcards and stickers). The tank top itself had a beautiful product tag
Little Odd Forest label
Lynda Lye, creates all her products from scratch. The tank top is of the upmost quality and you can see the care put into it’s creation.

There a many Canadian Etsy users, I also purchased a stuffed Owl for my boyfriend from Knitpurlzen who is located in Bowmanville.
Owl for Ryan

The only bad thing about Etsy is the location search. It uses Google maps, which is a bit cumbersome, but unfortuantley doesn’t provide you with alternative methods of searching by location. Some Canadian users I noticed are

Stylish Crafts – I don’t have hair but these are very cute
Clever Like the Fox
Forumla Exo
The Felt Farm
The Sweet Pie Press

There are many others that I haven’t listed. Get on over to Etsy to find them.

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Woot! WordPress

I finally bit the bullet and got myself a domain and hosting. Yay. Soon all my blogger stuff will be here, but for now I’m still setting things up.

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I’ve fallen in love again…

It’s strange how a small item can make you feel like a little kid again. That’s how I feel about the new Converse Chuck Taylors I bought recently.
Chuck Taylors

Chucks look soooo good on. I love them with a pair of jeans and a Threadless t. I purchased these from Get Outside – map it!!!. I tried a different colour combination, but I decided to go for the classic black and white version. They are a throwback to the first Chucks I ever had in Grade 7. Wearing these chucks for the first time reminded me of my family trip to DisneyWorld in Orlando where my brother and I were so happy with our new Chucks. We had the exact same pair. I also had a black and white hat to match my shoes. Sigh, memories….

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i got…

Montreal Madness part 1b

Everything but the shoes in this picture was purchased in Montreal. I initially saw the jacket in the window of Bedo and I had to have it. I really love military clothing (real or inspired) and that attracted me to the jacket. There was no desire to own anything velvet in me initially, something just clicked. My buddy Jason helped me put together the rest of the outfit and I thank him for it. The skirt is a Boxfresh product which was from a store I really liked called Aritmetiks. The stores are very nice, but the website really sucks. The software tester in me didn’t want to link to it, but I gave in. The tank top (which you can’t see in the above picture) was from Club Monaco.

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i got…

Desdemona handbag by etnies

I was in Montreal from October 14 – 16. It was a great trip. I stayed at the Hotel St. Paul in old Montreal and it was amazing. I thought the service was excellent and I loved being caterer to. Sigh…memories. Anyways, I wouldn’t be a fashionista if I didn’t go shopping. I power-shopped with my lovely friend and stylist for the trip, Jason. He was great and helped me find some lovely items that I will post about in the coming days. This bag was something that I completely walked by, but Jason’s sharp eyes noticed it. The picture doesn’t show you the lovely lilac lining it has. It also doesn’t really show how big the bag is. It has 3 main compartments and a few little ones all over the place. I also didn’t get the little trinkets that are hanging off the key ring. I’m glad someone got use of it, I would have thrown those tacky things out. They aren’t a Prada Robot trick keychain, that’s for sure. I got this bag from Oceans, 3670 St-Laurent – map it!!!

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The Best Purse -onal Organizer Ever!

i got…

Threadless ts


Dark Side of the Garden

Threadless, my favourite t-shirt vendor, had one of their “to die for” t-shirt sales. Everything 10 bucks!! I picked these 2 out of the bunch and I love them. Dark Side of the Garden is for the total geek in me. Not sure what fight is for, but I thought it was a hilarious t.

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i got: Kenneth Cole Shoes and Paper Denim

Kenneth Cole Teal Shoes
Kenneth Cole teal heels
These cute teal heels are my first pair of Kenneth Cole shoes. I almost passed these up, but had to head back to Winners before someone else grabbed them. I have always been interested in a pair of coloured heels and these just called out to me.

Paper Denim and Cloth Jeans
Paper Denim
30 bucks for a pair of Paper denim. I had a hard time passing that up. They are a great length for heels but I still might get them hemmed a touch. I bought these at Five on Spadina – map it!!!

Diesel find of the year!!!

I love Diesel, especially their shoes. Today I was walking to a friend’s birthday party after a great game of squash. I had some time to kill so I walked through the Eaton Centre and then headed north on Yonge. The Aldo Shoe Outlet (map it!) was having a sandal sale so I decided to check it out. 20 bucks for sandals, you usually can’t go wrong. Well today I had no idea how lucky I would be.

These beautiful Diesel mules were on sale for 20 DOLLARS and they were my size (in the purple, not green). I couldn’t believe my luck. I asked 2 sales associated just to be sure.
Retail for these shoes is $159.99 (yes, that’s the real price).
And yes, I got them for 20 DOLLARS, 20 FREAKIN’ DOLLARS. SCORE!!!!!

I have 5 pairs of Diesel shoes currently (oops, 6 now) but these are my first Diesel heels, and I love them. I’m contemplating buying these beauties too

Diesel shoes are very, very comfortable; you can walk forever in them. I also find that they are well made, and worth the money you pay for them. What is it they say, not to skimp out on shoes and hair. Well, I don’t have much hair, but I don’t mind paying for great, well made shoes. I had one pair of Diesel shoes that I literally wore out, and the sole started to fall apart. It only took a year, but I was wearing these shoes like everyday. It’s a shame too because they were so damn cute and matched a dress I had perfectly.


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i got: Classic Girl Rib Boy Beater Tank by American Apparel

Classic Girl Rib Boy Beater Tank

I love these tank tops, I have so many. They are the perfect cut and fit. The range of colours available is incredible. I have some in yellow, white, black, teal, crannberry, kelly green, red and orange. They cost about $15.00 at the American Apparel Store on Queen Street. But if you hit up Chocky’s on Queen you can get them for $13.75

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i got: nCode N145 Squash Racquet

nCode N145 Squash Racquet

I love squash and I love this racquet. It’s once of the new 2005-2006 racquet line that uses the new nCode technology. Wilson claims that this racquet delivers 2 times the strength, 2 times more stability and 22% more power. I tried a demo of this racquet at the gym today, and I have to admit some shots that I normally don’t make the front wall were hitting today. And my serve, oh man, it’s never been so easy. So you can see it was an easy sell for me.

I play squash in a league at my great gym, The Wellington Club. They have leagues for everyone, including beginners. The Squash pro, Jamie Martel is a great resource and gives excellent lessons. Squash is a fabulous workout and a great sport to get involved in.

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i got…

Keen Sandals – Newport H2

So I didn’t get the Boulder version of the sandal, but I am pretty pleased with this purchase. The colour is great and they are very, very comfortable. I can’t wait to break them in on the trail. I did break them in on the street though. This morning I walked to work in them and they are so comfortable. I love how weird and funky they look too.

Edit (July 20, 2005): These shoes are incredible. You can machine wash them, how great is that.

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i got…

Here are a few things I’ve purchased recently.

Fidelity Demin

I got these jeans while on vacation in Vancouver in March. They are the perfect length for me (32 inseam). I wear more flat shoes, so getting a 34 inseam really sucks. I don’t want to cut them because they are perfect for heels; but I have to roll them up to wear them with flats. This drives me insane. So it’s nice to have jeans that fit perfectly. Apparently these jeans make your butt look really good; I’m not a very good judge of that though. The designer Jason Trotzuk is a Canadian and the creator of Dish Jeans. Fidelity is a little higher end than Dish jeans but only by about 50 – 70 bucks.

OK47 Muscleshirt and Halter Top

As a gemini, yellow is my colour. I love lots of colour, it’s helps that I have the complexion that allows me to wear all the colours of the rainbow. These 2 lovely items are from another great Canadian company OK47. They make funky printed clothing. I have this great lawnmower shirt by them from last season. The clothing is made from quality cotton and will last a long time. The prints are very good and do not wear off in the wash. I always hang my OK47 shirts to dry, so I’m not too sure about the dryer.

Dish Jeans demin skirt

Finally I found a demin skirt. I’ve had trouble finding ones that fit comfortably, but of course great Canadian demin company Dish Jeans have helped me out. I have also purchased some jeans from Dish. I can’t find any pictures of them so I haven’t blogged about it. They fit great though. Dish jeans are high quality and great fit without a massive price tag. Jeans are under a hundred bucks.

UFO Stovetop Espresso Maker

So, I got my espresso maker. Making those first cups of espresso was such a major pain in the ass, I can’t believe it. I blame the instructions, there were piss poor. LOL! I did manage to figure it out eventually and had a cup. I was happy. Here is a picture of it on my stove.

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i got…

My Shure headphones.
I’m enjoying the sound that these earphones have. Much, much better than my Sony’s. I am quite impressed with the thickness of wire they use. My Sony’s used a much thinner wire which apparently couldn’t stand up to task of being my headphones and broke. So, I splurged on these Shure headphones. And I’m quite happy about it. It’s taking some time getting used to the thicker wires. The configuration of the ear pieces is different from my Sony’s also. Overall, I’m happy.


i got: Adidas Gerd Mueller Sneakers

Adidas – Gerd Mueller
Gerd Mueller Adidas Shoes

These are the new funky Adidas I bought. I love Adidas, it’s one of my favourite brands. I wanted a new addition to my collection as I had to retire a pair of Adidas that I owned.

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