Shopping Secrets

There are some shopping secrets that I will never give up. This story is about one of them.

The Saturday after New York I was wandering downtown with my friend MJ. Usually when we are out he takes me to his favourite consignment shop to troll for designer duds. We hit the motherload on this visit. MJ is the best person to go shopping with. He has this uncanny ability to identify the crap and zoom in on the good just from looking at the rack. What really baffles me with him is that 99.9% of his choices are so spot on. This guy knows what works and what doesn’t.

The most perfect skirt black knife pleated skirt with yoke by Chanel.
Chanel Skirt
It’s unfortunate that my picture is really shitty. You can’t see any of the pleat details, quite a shame. I fell in love after I twirled around. It fits and drapes like a dream. It’s easily the best skirt I’ve ever owned.

Can you guess how much I paid?

Ask a Geek: Where to buy a decent blazer cheap in Toronto

askageeklogo.jpgSometimes readers ask me questions. If they are of value to all my readers I post them online. If you have a question, please feel free to submit it using the contact form. I’ll definitely do my best to answer it.

I want I got reader Gloria wrote:

This is a bit of a mundane quest, but I’m looking for a good blazer to dress up jeans … the places I go either have more conservative blazers more suited for business, or more stylish looks but not very well cut. I’m looking for something feminine, a little different, and hopefully not bank-breaking if possible (under a hundred dollars). If you can suggest some places, that would
be great as it’s perfect blazer season!

Your best bet right now is Femme de Carriere. Yes, the shop is more business orientated but they are having a great sale right now and blazers are cheap. I have like 3 suits from these guys and they are really good for the price. I’ve gotten 300 dollar blazers for 70-90 bucks. Here are there locations:

Eaton Centre
First Canadian Place – it’s called Atelier there, but it’s the same store
TD Trust Towers

The blazers are classic mostly, but there are a few fashion forward cuts to choose from also. Maybe the readers can give you more suggestions. Stay away from Suzy Shier, their cuts are horrible.

i want: Last Exit to Nowhere Tshirts

Last Exit to Nowhere makes tshirts inspired by movies. I love this shit. They are out of the U.K. and unfortunately one shirt would cost me about $50 bucks. Canadians don’t even get 50pence to the dollar, frustrating.


Inspired by one of my all time favourite movies, Robocop. Can you guess the other references?
Weyland-Yutani Corp
Weyland-Yutani Corp

Would you wear the C-String?

It’s called the C-String.

Ugh. I love my thongs, but I don’t know if I could get into this.

Watch this video. A model wears one and you can tell it’s not comfortable and she keeps adjusting it.

They are toting the C-String as a great thing to wear at the beach. Sigh, cellulite, stretch marks and C-Strings; what wonderful beach viewing.

Readers, would you wear this as underwear? How about a swimsuit bottom?

If I got a sample (hint, hint) I would review it and let you know how it goes. I wouldn’t wear it as swimwear but it looks promising if the back butt thing doesn’t stick out.

via Buzzfeed

i want: A Hussein Chalayan tshirt

A Hussein Chalayan tshirt
A Hussein Chalayan tshirt

He makes mens and womens tshirts too. They are pretty neat. I love this one called The Blind.

Inspired by surveillance and CCTV culture in contemporary life depicts an illustration of a blind suggesting presence of someone behind and a sense of being watched.

Hussein Chalayan has a Canadian stockist surprisingly
Ursula B
1455 Rue Peel, Montréal,

thx stylescribble

i got: Stella Luna Vintage

Here are two finds I got at the Stella Luna Annual Clearance Sale, both were $15 a piece

Green leather jacket
I now have a leather jacket in my wardrobe, a dark green one at that.

Mod Coat
This jacket was a little too big but I could resist its Mod influence.

I love vintage coats my closet is full of them. The website is making me salivate with all the 60s patterns they have available. I wish I could sew.

i want: An Eventide Bubble Dress

An Eventide Bubble Dress
I’m pretty sure I can’t pull off the bubble look. It doesn’t stop me from pining over this bubble dress. There are some other pretty dresses from this company, that of course are not available in Canada.

Love the chunky sweater!