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MARNI Fragrance
MARNI Fragrance

Way back in November I sat down with Trudi Loren who is the Vice President, Corporate Fragrance Development at Estèe Lauder Companies. She was in Toronto to introduce Marni’s first fragrance to members of the press. I’m a big fan of Marni and head designer Consuelo Castiglioni. I see her clothing in person at Holt Renfrew and I find myself coveting everything. I wanted to know if she could translate that feeling to a fragrance. Marni isn’t stereotypical feminine either, how would that translate into scent.

MARNI Fragrance Preview
MARNI Fragrance Preview

Trudi starts with the origins of the fragrance. Consuelo had specific ideas for the fragrance when she met with Estèe Lauder perfumers. They tweaked her custom fragrance after numerous design cycles using their knowledge to take the fragrance to market and still be true to Consuelo vision of Marni. She was very involved in every step of the design process, treating it like editing a collection.

MARNI Fragrance Preview
MARNI Fragrance Preview

The starting point was typically material: it was woods and spices and the incense that Consuelo wanted, somehow reminiscent the woody landscapes of her Swiss days in St Moritz. But that was just the initial input. Subtle contrast and sudden accents were what she was looking for. Consuelo worked intensively and extensively to arrive to the final olfactory narrative and its multifaceted subtleness. Her aim, always, is to avoid pre-conceived ideas. Typically, the perfume she had in mind was a bit masculine: woody and bitter. The addition of rose, smoothed and softened the scent, while pink peppercorn added an element of effervescent quirkiness, much like an accessory. The final result is unexpected. (source:press release)

MARNI Fragrance Preview
MARNI Fragrance Preview

The fragrance contains many things I love like Bergamot, Cardamom and Cedarwood. Marni skews more masculine and androgynous scent which I really like. I have a few mens fragrances in my collection that I enjoy wearing. Top notes are Bergamot, Pepper, Ginger and Pink Peppercorn. Heart notes are Cardamom, Rose and Cinnamon Bark. Bottom notes are Patchouli, Incense, Vetiver and Cedarwood. At the preview I received a sample of the Marni fragrance and I’ve worn it a lot since then. I had an instant connection with this fragrance, it pushed all the right buttons for me. I enjoy wearing it day after day and I’m usually someone who likes to switch it up.

The Marni fragrance collection is available at Holt Renfrew.

Marni Eau De Parfum 120 ml: $175, Marni Eau De Parfum 65 ml: $125, Marni Body Lotion 200 ml: $62,Marni Shower Gel 200 ml: $52, Marni Body Crème 200 ml: $95, Marni Purse Spray 10 ml with Huggy Doll: $60

images: me, and courtesy of Marni

Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection – 1932

Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection - 1932
Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection – 1932

Silly me mixed up my dates and I missed the launch for the newest fragrance in the Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection. I was really excited about it because it would mean playtime at the beautiful Chanel fragrance bar in the Holt Renfrew Bloor Street store.

Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection - 1932
Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection

Les Exclusifs de CHANEL collection is a modern take on the fragrances created by Ernest Beaux, Chanel’s original nose and Coco Chanel in the 20s and 30s.

Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection - 1932
Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection – 1932

Chanel’s current nose, Jacques Polge launched the collection 2007 and has released more fragrances over the year. These fragrances all take inspiration from the history of the house and each one explores a singular theme.

Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection - 1932
Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection – Advert for Chanel Fragrances

1932 is the year that Chanel launched her first designer jewellery collection in her home. The Bijoux de Diamants collection had stars, comets, crescent moons and suns; all inspiration from the lights and signs that shine at night on the Champs-Élysées.

Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection - 1932
CHANEL  Comet Necklace, 1932
Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection - 1932
Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection – 1932

In 2012, Jacques Polge creates the Bijoux de Diamants Collection inspired fragrance. 1932 includes top notes of Aldehydes, Bergamot, Neroli, middle notes of Carnation, Jasmine, Lilac, Rose, Ylang Ylang and base notes of Musk, Coumarin, Mulberry, Ambrette (Musk Mallow), Orris Root, Incense, Opoponax, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Vetiver.(source) I’m a fan of fruity, floral and woody fragrances so I do like 1932. Initially, it’s very floral smelling but after an hour it calms right down and the woodiness comes to the forefront.

Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection - 1932
Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection – Jacques Polge

1932 is available at select Chanel Boutiques and the Chanel Espaces Parfums in the Bloor Street, Vancouver and Montreal Holt Renfrew locations. The collection is $145.00 for 75ml and $240 for 200ml.

Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection - 1932
Les Exclusifs de CHANEL Collection

Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection also includes

  • Jersey (Aromatic Floral Powdery)
  • Beige (Powdery Floral)
  • Sycomore (Woody)
  • No. 22 (Aldehydic Powdery Floral)
  • Gardénia (Floral)
  • Bois Des Iles (Oriental Woody)
  • Cuir de Russie (Leather Oriental)
  • 31 Rue Cambon (Smooth Woody Floral)
  • No. 18 (Oriental Fruity Woody)
  • Coromandel (Woody Oriental)
  • Bel Respiro (Green Floral)
  • 28 La Pausa (Powdery Woody Floral)
  • Eau de Cologne (Citrus)

Like, 1932 they all retail for $145.00 for 75ml and $240 for 200ml.

images: courtesy of Chanel,

Givenchy Dahlia Noir Ad Campaign

Givenchy Dahlia Noir Ad Campaign

I’m a little late on catching up with the Givenchy perfume news and I just recently discovered Dahlia Noir. The ad campaign features one of my favourite models Mariacarla Boscono and photographers Mert & Marcus. I have no idea how this fragrance smells but the ad campaign and description make me very curious.

The video for Givenchy Dahlia Noir is quite dramatic and fun.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir Ad Campaign

Riccardo Tisci gave an interview to when Dahlia Noir launched.

Tell us about the notes, why did you choose rose and wood notes?
From my first meeting with François Demachy [the perfumer] when we were developing the Dahlia Noir range, I spoke to him about emotions and olfactory memories, not formulas. I remember the smell of my mother and sisters’ make-up, which had a distinctive powdery and rosy scent. This is why we constructed Dahlia Noir starting with a rosy note, enriched with iris and mimosa. We then added sophisticated woody notes such as sandalwood and patchouli to give the fragrance a contemporary edge.

What was the thought behind naming a fragrance after an odourless flower?
I thought about Dahlia Noir for a long time. I had been carrying this name inside me along with the totally imaginary flower it refers to, which doesn’t actually exist in nature. In my mind, it’s an abstract flower, very gothic, but also very whimsical and romantic. We conveyed this tension between force and fragility with rather potent top notes followed by a powdery softness.

The name Dahlia Noir evokes a very mysterious, almost dangerous femme fatale feeling. Was that your intention?
I wanted to materialise in the fragrance and its name a seductive black angel, a distinctive couture heroine emanating a dark softness, a fatal tenderness.

Does Dahlia Noir pay homage to James Ellroy’s novel The Black Dahlia?
The Black Dahlia, in the book by James Ellroy, is above all a heroine. In my opinion, this story is more about passion than crime. Passion pushes each individual to the summit, to excess. The culmination of emotions can then lead to acts committed under the influence of passion. (source: via

Givenchy Dahlia Noir Ad Campaign


Calvin Klein Beauty Launch

Calvin Klein Beauty Launch

I attended the launch event for the new Calvin Klein fragrance called Beauty. This was an interesting event because two people heavily involved in the development of the fragrance were in attendance, Perfumer Sophie Labbe and Senior Manager Global Marketing Stephanie Schwab. Both women talked about their involvement in the fragrance from the creation of the packaging and advertising, to the actual scent itself. I managed to get a bit of Sophie Labbe talking about Beauty.

Beauty is a floral scent with it’s main influence being the Calla Lily. Top notes are Fresh Notes and Jasmine. Middle notes are Lily, White Flowers and Spicy Notes. Base notes are Cedar and Ambrette. It’s a nice light fragrance but not something I gravitate to.

Calvin Klein Beauty Launch

The event also had a photo exhibition that interpreted the beauty of the Call Lily through the eyes of five female photographers: Caitlin Cronenberg, Davida Nemeroff, Jody Rogac, Karen Roze and Natasha V. There is also big advertising campaign with Diane Kruger for Beauty but I’m not that concerned so I haven’t linked any photos but you can see details around the campaign on the Calvin Klein website.

NADA Fragrance by Aromachology

NADA Fragrance by Aromachology

Anna dello Russo wasn’t the only one launching a fragrance. Toronto based NADA used a dancing flash mob to let get the word out about her new perfume. Nada partnered with Aromachology to create the NADA fragrance.
NADA Fragrance by Aromachology

The NADA fragrance has a spicy, oriental-musk undertone of honeysuckle, ginger and saffron, and finishes with seductive top notes of lotus flower, amber and jasmine.

“I was really inspired by the fluid movement of our flowing fabrics and the seductive air of our new fragrance — dance is a natural pairing of the two. So we worked with the Ryerson Dance Program, to create something really interesting,” says Nada Shepherd, Creative Director and founder of the self-named women’s wear label. “The NADA signature fragrance is for women who are looking for something a little edgy, a little interesting, and a flash mob builds into an amazingly exciting personal experience, just like our fragrance. It’s dark and sexy just like the music and movement our choreographer Missy Morris put together” says Shepherd.

Morris hand-selected a group of over 60 dance students and choreographed a 100-second dance number that starts with just three dancers and sinuously layers in performers to the Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil. The group was flanked with over 20 fashion marketing students wearing ScanLife barcodes on branded t-shirts sampling the NADA fragrance to the entertained audience.
“The NADA fragrance is complex but cohesive, just like the performance,” says Shepherd of her personally-crafted scent, “It draws emotion, makes a woman smell good enough to eat – and what happens next is up to her.”

NADA Fragrance by Aromachology

I received a sample of the scent at the NADA spring summer 2011 fashion show.  It’s a really pleasant scent but a little too sweet for me. The NADA fragrance will be available in December at the NADA pop-up store in Toronto’s Bayview Village and online at It will retail for $149 per 100mL/3.4oz bottle.

images: courtesy of NADA

Anna dello Russo in Fragrance

Anna Dello Russo in Fragrance Ad campaign by Jurgen Teller
Anna Dello Russo in Fragrance Ad campaign by Jurgen Teller

When Anna dello Russo’s people, Anna Dello Russo Factory, email you about her new fragrance you step up and listen. I’m a huge Anna fan. She has a closet I would die for but she has fun and loves fashion. Most importantly Anna doesn’t take herself very seriously and she’s always smiling. She is a great representation of all the things I love about fashion.

ANNA DELLO RUSSO, the fragrance, is a delectable and sophisticated scent that calls to mind the sensory pleasures of sweet treats and primary sensations. The essence of vanilla mixed with almond creates a scent inspired by the memories and the flavors of childhood— the wholesome smell of warm cookies coming from Grandma’s kitchen on Christmas Eve. Anna Dello Russo, the fragrance, is a tactile perception; a smell to touch. “You smell so good that I want to eat you, they will tell you,” she says.

Firmenich was brought in to help make this perfume a reality. The golden, slipper shaped bottle is typical Anna but I’m not a fan of it’s shape. It’s small and fits into a clutch. One thing that is very cool about the bottle is that you can use it as a Christmas ornament on your tree after it’s finished.

The fragrance will be available exclusively on on December 3, 2010.

There are videos to accompany the fragrance.  I have to admit I kinda love the commercial

Here is the making of video.

Art direction for Anna dello Russo: Marco Braga and Giuliano Federico for Modecracy

images: courtesy of Anna dello Russo

TIFF 2010 – Aromachology

TIFF 2010 - Aromachology

I have meant to stop by Aromachology but our timing has been off. Aromachology is a personalized perfume shop that allows the customer to create their own special scent. They also have candles that make great gifts.  The idea of creating my own personal scent is very appealing and daunting. I like so many things and trying to put myself in one box is never going to work. I look at my fragrance collection and it’s all over the place, women’s, men’s, floral, oriental or musky.  Aromachology had a pop up store at the Four Seasons during  TIFF and I stopped by to check it out.

TIFF 2010 - Aromachology

Basically there are 5 base scents to choose from: Sophisticated & Sensual Floral, a Totally Edible Gourmand, an Exotic Spicy Oriental, a Clean & Fresh or a Bold & Brisk Woodsy. Then you make a choice between 15 top notes to add to the base: Creative – Juniper Berry and Carnation; Inspiring – Orange and Lemon; Spontaneous – Tuberose and Citrus; Graceful – Jasmine and Egyptian Musk; Courageous – Frankincense and Ginger; Confident – Frankincense, Jasmine, Cedarwood and Boysenberry; Empowering – Juniper Berry and Jasmine; Comforting – Geranium; Sexy – Amber, Jasmine, Rose and Vanilla; Open minded – Orange Blossom and Vanilla; Optimistic – Neroli, Orange Blossom and Lemon; Sensual – Jasmine, Ylang ylang, tuberose, musk; Seductive – Ylang ylang, rose; Uplifting – Basil and Clary Sage; Peaceful – Chamomile and Lavender.

TIFF 2010 - Aromachology

My personal scent was Sophisticated & Sensual as a base with Empowering, creative and sensual as top notes.

In Toronto, you can make an appointment to The Perfume Bar Studio at Avenue and Davenport where you can make your own customized scent.  Otherwise you can order online.

Update (Nov 29, 2010): I’ve discovered you can create a customized scent at Jacob & Sebastian at 622 Queen Street West, Toronto

Sanrio 50th Anniversary – Sanrio x Demeter Fragrance Library

Sanrio 50th Anniversary

Sanrio and Demeter teamed up to create signature fragrances for various characters. The Sanrio Demeter Fragrance Library will initially feature scents from Hello Kitty, My Melody and Little Twin Stars. More scents are planned for the future including a scent inspired by the Sanrio Boutique. It seems like Sanrio gum and scented erasers.

Sanrio 50th Anniversary – Sanrio x Demeter

You can purchase the fragrances online at, (Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars) and Sanrio Boutiques.

As a “thank you” to their ever-loyal fans, SANRIO plans to unveil special co-branded collections, starting this summer with SANRIO x Dr. Martens. Signature Dr. Martens 8-eye boots & mary jane strap shoes will be bestowed a trademark Hello Kitty bow for this limited edition collection. Collaborations with a diverse group of brands including Brunswick, Girl Skateboard Co., Aerial7, Lomography, Demeter Fragrance, Mimobots, and Build-A-Bear Workshop will launch a plethora of amazing products at retail partners worldwide, featuring an assortment of SANRIO characters. A benchmark of SANRIO’s 50th Anniversary will include iconic characters appearing together for the first time ever (outside of SANRIO’s Harmonyland and Puroland theme parks in Japan), on products including the 8-eye Dr. Martens boot, a Brunswick bowling ball, iPhone cases, apparel, accessories and many other unique products. There will be plenty of signature “small gift” items at market as well, including pens and notebooks, coin purses, key caps & lunch cases, all carried in the 95+ SANRIO stores located across the country and at “Our retail partners and licensees are equally as excited to be part of our 50th Anniversary celebration,” says Ms. Hsu. “We are working with each on targeted programs to mark this special occasion.”


Comme des Gar̤ons РWonderwood, A short film by the Brothers Quay

Comme des Garçons - Wonderwood, A short film by the Brothers Quay

Comme des Garçons is releasing a new fragrance called Wonderwood. To launch the product, The Brothers Quay were enlisted to create a short stop motion film.

The scent is made up of three different types of woods, Oud, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Cypress wood and Gaiac wood. Woody notes: Patchouli, vetyver and synthetic woods: Javanol, Cashmeran and Pachminol.(source)

(untitled) by Maison Martin Margiela – Video

(untitled) by Maison Martin Margiela
Previously I posted about the newly release fragrance called (untitled) by Maison Martin Margiela.

The scent is, as Martin wished, a ‘green flash’ – an olfactory equivalent and translation of the blank canvas and cleansing visual signature ‘white’ of Margiela. It is at once, clean, fresh and astringent, eschewing the floral hallmarks of contemporary perfumes and harking back to 1970’s trends, such as Chanel’s Nº19

There is now a short video created for the fragrance.

(untitled) scents
* Top Notes: Galbanum essence, Box green, Bitter orange blossom absolute
* Middle Notes: Lentiscus resinoid, Jasmine, Galbanum resinoid
* Base notes: Musk, Cedar, Incense resinoid

The blog Coute Que Coute has an interesting post about his adventures at MMM HQ for the launch of (untitled).

Only The Brave Ironman Limited Edition Fragrance for Men

Only The Brave Ironman Limited Edition Fragrance for Men

Wow, this Only The Brave Ironman Limited Edition Fragrance by Diesel is a strange movie tie in for me. To celebrate the world and folklore around the Marvel character Ironman, Diesel has created a limited edition Ironman version of it’s Only the Brave men’s fragrance. Appealing to the comic book geek Diesel?

Planet Perfume is decidedly glum and gloomy this spring 2010. Who can save it from boredom? Only a genuine, full-blooded hero! IRONMAN has come knocking on Diesel’s door, or is it the other way round? To celebrate the release of IRONMAN2, Diesel pays tribute to the original comic book creation. The indestructible superhero has lent his famous iron glove to a limited edition of the ONLY THE BRAVE fragrance.

Only The Brave Ironman Limited Edition Fragrance for Men

The Only The Brave fragrance will be launched in June 2010 to coincide with the Ironman 2 movie release.

Featuring the highly original ONLY THE BRAVE fragrance. As much an attitude as a perfume, the fragrance embodies above all self-affirmation.  A fusion of plant and animal kingdoms, it blends leather, styrax and labdanum. Lemon and violet express urban modernity, underscored by the strength and singularity of cedar and amber.

The raw materials of the fragrance sound interesting.  I guess I shouldn’t judge it until I’ve sniffed.  The bottle will be 75ml and will be available at The Bay, Sears and Shoppers Drug Mart for $85.00.

images: courtesy of L’Oréal Fragrances

geekiviews: D&G Anthology L`Amoureaux 6 Fragrance

D&G Anthology L`Amoureaux 6 Fragrance

I’m not a loyalist when it comes to fragrances.  I went from not wearing anything to having a whole collection (Thank you gift bags).  I don’t stick to one scent like some people.  I like the variety and the options I can play with.  Right now I find myself wearing the D&G Anthology L`Amoureaux 6 fragrance a lot.

D&G Anthology Fragrances

Dolce & Gabbana presents five perfumes of their collection The D&G Anthology, which arrives on the market in September 2009. Two other fragrances will join the collection next year.   The collection The D&G Anthology was inspired by tarot cards and their marks.

The fragrances of this collection were named: Le Bateleur 1 (Tyson Ballou), L’Imperatrice 3 (Naomi Campbell), L’Amoureaux 6 (Noah Mills), La Roue de la Fortune 10 (Eva Herzigova and Fernando Fernandes), La Lune 18 (Claudia Schiffer).(source)

D&G Anthology L`Amoureaux 6 Fragrance
L’Amoureaux 6 has fragrance signatures of spices, juniper berries, bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom, birch leaf, iris root, wood and musk. Since the model is Noah Mills (Hot!), I’m assuming the fragrance is more masculine. I can see it being a unisex scent.

Inspiration – Personality: The Charmer
An incurable romantic in possession of an inherent nobility, dashing L’Amoureux melts the most cynical of hearts. Desired by all he meets, this charmer is all about intensity.(source)

It’s a very light fragrance. It’s much softer than some of the florals I tend to gravitate too. It works well with my body chemistry.  It lasts a long time but it’s very faint by the end of the day.  I love anything with Bergamont in it.

There is a D&G Fragrance Anthology – Noah Mills 6 L’AMOREUX, commercial TV.  I’m not all jazzed about it, seems kinda cheezy until Noah drops the bathrobe. 🙂

(untitled) by Maison Martin Margiela

(untitled) by Maison Martin Margiela

(untitled) is the first perfume by Maison Martin Margiela which was three years in the making. The scent itself doesn’t appeal to me but I’m very interested in its presentation.

The scent is, as Martin wished, a ‘green flash’ – an olfactory equivalent and translation of the blank canvas and cleansing visual signature ‘white’ of Margiela. It is at once, clean, fresh and astringent, eschewing the floral hallmarks of contemporary perfumes and harking back to 1970’s trends, such as Chanel’s Nº19.

(untitled) by Maison Martin Margiela
Press presentation in Paris of (untitled) by Maison Martin Margiela

The final chosen scent for (untitled) was selected by Martin himself, and went directly into production by L’Oreal (without market testing) after only three samples were created at Givaudan by Perfumer Daniela Andrier, who muses:

“I know that perfume must not follow a fashion or a trend, but an instinct. This first perfume expresses a femininity which does not fit into formal categories. I am grateful to Maison Martin Margiela for whispering the formula for this perfume into my ear.”

(untitled) by Maison Martin Margiela
Press presentation in Paris of (untitled) by Maison Martin Margiela

I love the idea of a scent with cedar in it, but musky perfumes never work with my chemistry. They always seem okay in theory but doesn’t smell good when applied. I’m a floral girl for sure.

(untitled) by Maison Martin Margiela

(untitled) scents

  • Top Notes: Galbanum essence, Box green, Bitter orange blossom absolute
  • Middle Notes: Lentiscus resinoid, Jasmine, Galbanum resinoid
  • Base notes: Musk, Cedar, Incense resinoid

I love the look of the perfume. Martin Margiela and creative director Fabien Baron worked together to come up with the design. It encompasses the look of the 19th century and the MMM signature white.

(untitled) by Maison Martin Margiela

“The development and creation of the first perfume from Maison Martin Margiela has been a marvellous experience. L’Oreal has given us all possible support in guiding us into this new world. Expressing our creativity and revealing our identity through such a special and unique essence is something we have wanted to do for a very long time. It fits in well with the consistent quality of our artistic universe, and is a natural counterpart to our collections, architectural projects, accessories and so on. We are extremely proud of the result, in all its aspects. We will waste no time in starting work on a new project, with a team of such talent and inspiration at our disposal.” – Maison Martin Margiela.

I guess this project was completed before the man left the house this year. (untitled) will be available exclusively at Colette on January 25. It will be rolled out to the US initially through Maison Martin Margiela stores in March. Within the first year they expect to have 500 outlets worldwide selling the perfume.

(untitled) Eau de parfum comes in comes in 30ml,  50ml and 75ml sizes and costs $79.70, $115.90 and $144.90 USD respectively. There is also a 200-ml body lotion and a 200-ml shower gel each at $43.45 USD.

images: A BLOG curated by

via: A BLOG curated by, WWD

Ask a Geek: Confused by perfume terms. Here are some references to check out.

Givenchy Hot Couture

Okay, this isn’t a true Ask a Geek post but I thought it could be helpful. I couldn’t find the words to describe Flora by Gucci for my last geekiviews post. I didn’t know the language of perfumes and needed to find out. I found a few links and thought I would share.

If you any readers have your own great perfume website, please leave a comment.

geekiviews: Flora by Gucci

I received the Flora by Gucci Eau du Toilette in a swag bag from an event. I can’t remember which one (If any friends out there remember what event, please comment!). I like floral based perfumes, so I thought I would give it a shot. Turns out I like it. It’s sweet smelling; a mixture of fruit and flowers at first. It finishes with a heavy base. I don’t normally like patchouli but it works for me in this combination. It’s a girl’s fragrance and nowhere near the androgynous zone. It’s very strong and you have to remember that when applying. I do find myself reaching for this perfume a lot in the morning.

Flora by Gucci Bottle

Flora’s olfactory pyramid is composed around the floral theme, with top notes of citrus and peony, a heart of rose and osmanthus — a Chinese flower with a distinct floral fruit and leather aroma — and sandalwood and patchouli on the base. Giannini and the P&G fragrance team developed the scent with Firmenich.

This is Gucci’s second perfume geared to the younger customer. I always love to read about inspirations.  I thought the perfume and the ads were beautiful.  I love the long black and white silk chiffon gown.

Flora by Gucci Ad Campaign with Abbey Lee


Turning to the archived Flora print for inspiration for the scent’s concept came naturally to Giannini. First used on a Gucci scarf made for Princess Grace in 1966, Flora was also utilized on many different Gucci apparel and accessory items — some of which Giannini’s mother wore.

“I was in love with the idea of a floral fragrance, and having the idea of naming the perfume Flora, everything was consequential. I wanted to give Flora a new freshness, so I decided to keep the same floral pattern but make it not so literal with all 25 colors, but black and white, more graphic and correct for the project,” said Giannini…

To design Flora’s hexagon-shaped clear glass flacon, Giannini recalled the architectural lines of the Gucci by Gucci bottle. Giannini also chose to accent the juice a champagne color and incorporated another of the Gucci motifs in the small bamboo gold tassels trimming the ends of the black ribbon bow tied around the flacon’s neck.

The Gucci website says the font used to write Flora on the bottle is from the script of Guccio Gucci’s signature. The commercial by Chris Cunningham is very cool.

The black-and-white Flora print is featured on the scent’s packaging, but Giannini also printed it onto a butterflylike long silk chiffon gown worn by Australian model Abbey Lee in the scent’s advertising campaign. Shot by Chris Cunningham in a cornfield in Latvia, Lee is depicted in the middle of more than 40,000 silk flowers moving in tempo with the wind to the tune of an original remix of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love.” Inez & Vinoodh photographed Flora’s print advertising visuals.

And her’s the making of Flora commercial video for kicks.

I like Flora more than the Givenchy Hot Couture Eau du Toilette I received in a swag bag last year. Swag bags are the only reason I started wearing perfume again. I went years without it. I like Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb the best. I think Hot Couture, Flowerbomb and Flora are similar enough to make that kind of comparison.

All quotes are from WWD: Gucci Fashions a Flirtatious Fragrance

geekiviews: Vera Wang Look

I went to the launch of Vera Wang’s new perfume, Look. It was sponsored by Fashion Magazine and held at Panorama. It was a fun event and I spent time with friends and enjoyed the view. That’s me in the picture at the bar. Yup, the mustard tights. Love them! The skirt was a present from the owner of Print Vintage. It was originally a halter top dress that was unwearable. She couldn’t sell it and gave it to me one day when I was buying a dress. I got my handy sewing friend Danielle ( to turn it into a skirt. It’s pretty kick ass.

There was a large ice sculpture display for the launch to show off the glass prism characteristics of the bottle. The ad campaign doesn’t bother me and that’s a very rare thing for perfume. Coty developed the fragrance. I’m by no means a perfume expert so I’ll let them describe it for you:

Look was created in cooperation with Firmenich. It introduces notes of mandarin, watery greens, litchi and golden deliches apple in the top notes. The heart incorporates lily, freesia and jasmine, while the base notes introduce a rhapsody of sweet vanilla, musk, oak moss and patchouli. (source)

The perfume itself isn’t heavy at all. It has a very light scent that isn’t repugnant. I actually like it even though it’s not something I would normally gravitate too. Flowerbomb and Hot Couture are some of my favs right now.